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Mission & Goals

State SMCo stands to help monetize attention for its clients on appropriate digital, social platforms so that they may achieve their respective goals or increase traffic to their events in the real world.

The goal of State Student Marketing is to be a one stop shop, taking care of all event marketing, strategizing and promotional needs for 300+ various types of Student Organization on campus.

State SMCo. acts as a nimble, start up like team equipped and qualified to help its clients run meaningful and engaging, story telling, community driven, social media campaigns that are supported by other collaterals such as Social Media Graphics, Copy for posts, Videos, Flyers and Posters.

Key Partners

  • Department of Student Affairs – They provide funding and support
  • Student Organizations – They are our clients
  • Other Colleges and Departments – They help us recruit and hire talented team members

Key Activities

  • Social Story Videos
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Snapchat Geo-Filters
  • Picture Slide Show Videos
  • Logos & Stickers
  • T-shirt Designs
  • Flyers and Poster

Key Resources

  • Financial Resources: State SMCo is a fully funded independent department under the Division of Student Affairs. Some key financial resources include availability of a FULL Graduate Assistantship and stipend to an MBA student for managing the department, up to almost 20 hours a week of work for paid undergraduate student team members and financial resources available to upgrade our digital infrastructure and equipment required to provide our services.
  • Human Resources: At State SMCo aspires to hire the best team of graphic designers, writers, videographers, editors and photographers. These students mostly come from their respective majors and every now and then you come across a self taught content creator as well.
  • Infrastructural and Support resources: State SMCo has state of the art infrastructure and technology. Apple MacBook Pros are provided to all student team members and three desktop iMacs are available as well. The Apple devices come loaded with the full Adobe Creative Suite. The department has DJI, MEVO and Ricoh Cameras for 4K HD and 360 pictures and video production as well.
Some of the cameras used by State SMCo

Value Proposition

  • Cost of availing services: Almost all services with SMCo (except Snapchat Filter design and set up, and video promotion services) are provided to the student organizations for FREE.
  • Quality of services: State SMCo provides the highest quality of social promotions and design solutions to its clients i.e. Over 300 Student Organizations on campus.
  • Services turnaround time: State SMCo has some very competitive and fast turnaround times for its clients. We are structured internally in a manner that promotes teamwork and collaboration both internally and externally to help get projects done at a faster rate.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Fully track able process: All requests from clients come in through ORGSYNC (ISU Treehouse). The service request forms that come in are time stamped and approved before being carried over to our internal project management system.
  • Face to Face Client management: Research shows that face to face meetings have 35% more positive impact on resulting outcomes that electronic and digital communication with the client (Vanderkam, 2015). State SMCo has critical steps in its production process discussed later in this document that make time and space for face to face interactions with the client before the content creation begins.

Distribution Channels

  • State SMCo Social Channels
  • Social Channels of Clients
  • Department of Student Affairs Email Database
  • Print Collaterals (as posters and flyers for on campus distribution)

Customer Segments

  • Department of Student Affairs
  • Student Organizations on Campus:
  • Student Government
  • Greek Orgs
  • Community Orgs
  • Student Associations
  • Club Sports Teams
  • State SMCo does not cater to individual students’ request but that may be subject to change if more resources are poured in to the department i.e. If more people are hired.

Cost Structure

The Department of Student Affairs under the office of the Vice President of Student Affairs takes care of all the expenses incurred by State SMCo.

  • Costs of Human Capital: State SMCo employees a Director of State SMCo who is awarded a full tuition waiver and a biweekly stipend through their college process.
  • Costs of Equipment (Tech and Office): Most line items are related to upgrading of Computer programs and systems, and related to updating old cameras, hard-drives, tablets, lights, SD cards.
  • Cost of Printing: State SMCo is home to the largest scanner and poster printer on campus. There are cartridge and maintenance costs that occur every 3 months. The cartridges are reordered by DSA. Any maintenance costs are invoiced to the Depart of Student Affairs as well.

Revenue Streams

While most of the services that State SMCo provides are FREE of cost to the student organizations. State SMCo does however, charge for some line items to off set our some of our equipment and printing costs.

  • Printing Services: State SMCo’s RICOH printer can print posters up to 6 feet in length and up to 36 inches in width. A standard poster which 2 feet by 3 feet (24” X 36”) goes for $10 a print on a standard printing paper.
  • Snapchat Geo-Filter Design: We take last minute requests for setting up and designing Snapchat Geo Filters. This is a new stream of revenue that did not exist before Fall 2016. It came in to existence given the increase in demand of such requests for the same. Priced at $20 per filter. Does not include cost incurred to Snapchat for hosting filter.
  • Ad Revenue: State SMCo provides free video services to all its clients. However, we do require them to choose a budget slab from $25 - $50 - $75 to promote their video on Facebook and Instagram through SMCo social channels.


  • Step 1: Promote
  • Step 2: Funnel
  • Step 3: Delegate
  • Step 4: Facetime
  • Step 5: Deliver
  • Step 1: Through various distribution channels discussed above, State SMCo encourages student organizations on campus to come to State Student Marketing Company to avail services being offered (mostly for FREE).
  • Step 2: When approached or contacted by a student organization, direct them specifically to 'Orgsync' (ISU TREEHOUSE) and prompt them to fill the State SMCo Service Request Form. There, clients can submit a request with their detailed event(s) information and choose from various services that are being offered. State SMCo may approve or reject the form depending on various factors from demand to nature of request.
  • Step 3: After the request has been approved, the task is then put into 'Asana' – A mobile and online project management tool. The tasks are set up under the organization (Project) with all of the specific details of the event and the contact information of the customer. The director of state student marketing company is always the one to be initially assigned the task, and then from there he or she can rightfully designate the task to the appropriate State Student Marketing member. The team uses 'SLACK' and comments in ASANA for all internal communications. Leading to nil or limited email usage for communicating internally.
  • Step 4: Once the work has been assigned. The next step is to assess whether the designer or videographer has complete information to carry out the task or not. If not, then they must set up a meeting with the client right away to get the project started. Copying the Director on all email communications with the client is critical. It is only after those steps that the member may complete the work creatively to their best potential within the deadline decided. Our goal is to have the design ready for the client before they initially need it. It’s critical to understand turn around times at this point so that the right expectations can be created at the time of the meeting with the client (Bradford, Duncan, Tracy, 2008).
The form is the first step to tracking everything and keeping all requests in one place
Insures accountability

Here’s the average turn around times for the following services:

- Social Story Videos: 1.5 Weeks

- Picture Slide Show Videos: 1 Week

- Logos & Stickers: 1 Week

- T-shirts: 1 Week

- Snapchat Geo-Filters: 2 Days*

- Social Media Graphics: 3 Days

- Flyers and Posters: 3 Days**

* We charge for Snapchat Filter Designs: $20 Per Filter

** Poster Printing: $10 Full Colored Poster, 2' X 3'

  • Step 5: Designated person will email the client/student organization who submitted the request indicating their service is complete with the attached files of the design along with the email. The process explained in the previous page is the precise reason why State SMCo has been able to cater to over 550+ unique requests in the last year alone. It has certainly taken, and has the potential to take more business away from orthodox methods of marketing such as the school newspaper etc.

Branding Guidelines

  1. The SMCo. Logo is bright, open, and energetic, representing our staff and office environment. The use of the logo visual system must reflect that open and energized mentality. It is integral to the continuity of the SMCo. brand that our visual system stays intact. While it is encouraged to break the system where it is appropriate, the system should remain intact and still be recognizable as SMCo.
  2. Keeping our brand consistent requires standard colors, images, and methods. You will find our most integral brand standards on the next page. These are our voice and help us to tell our story.
  3. The official SMCo. Orange should be the most prominent color in any layout in the holistic sense, the use of secondary colors is encouraged to break up the visual system when appropriate.
  4. SMCo. utilizes the Lubalin Graph and Avenir Font families. Lubalin Graph should be used in headers, titles, and any prominent type space. Avenir should be used for all body text and information content.
  5. Social Media content should be written in Avenir with Lubalin titles. Social Media Icons should be used only in our social media campaigns and calls to action.

Social Media Channels and Passwords

This strategic plan has been a continuous process of development for the last two years (2015 - 2017). Although, the State SMCo is now 5 years old. A strategic plan such as this could only be developed after constant tweaking and testing by the team members. Lots of evaluations and interviews both internally and externally helped in the shaping of this plan to cater the next team and leadership in action. It is with the hope of constant quest for perfection that I would like to leave this document to the next Director of Student Marketing company so they may treat it as a living and breathing mechanism to guide them and align them as they serve the Students and Organization on the campus of Indiana State University.


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