Persephone By Elmer M

Persephone is the queen of the Under world the Daughter of Zeus and the goddess of harvest Queen Demeter
Persephone's character traits are helpful,nice, and thoughtful Helpful because she grows food and crops for people Nice she helps when needed Thoughtful because she comes for 8 moths to help grow food and crops for people when there aren't any.
Summary Persephone was abducted by Hades the king of the under world. With that happening her mother was fierce and sad so when she was gone Demeter the goddess of crops she made the crops wither away and made everything dead and the earth was poor to produce. Zeus tried to bring her back to the living world but Persephone ate a pomegranate that her to Hades. For 4 months of the year she had to stay with Hades. For the other 8 months she was with her mother which started growing the things her mother wither away. When she left her mother made the world poor to produce which made like fall and winter.
Although Persephone had to stay with Hades for 4 months the first day she came back was like the beginning of spring and when she left her mother wither everything which made it like spring and fall/Winter


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