Canada 2041 By: Reyan Anwar

Canada 2041

Resource management

In order for a country to be sustainable, resource management is key. Wasting away the country's money on weapons and nukes is useless. Instead we should focus on education and healthcare. Focus on remedies for cancer and other disease. Proper resource management is when we can efficiently, effectively and resourcefully create a solution to an issue. A characteristic of a sustainable country is it's ability to manage it's economy through primary, secondary and tertiary industries. renewable energy sources such as wing, solar hydro and geothermal as well as manage it's source of minerals, wood, fish and livestock as well as fruits and vegetables, and finally, manage imports and exports to and from other countries.

Livable communities

If Canada was to become sustainable, it would need to have smart growth. Smart growth is when you take a communities position and use it to your advantage, respecting nature and creating cities or communities with better natural air circulation, having shade at the right places at the right times and using technology in a electrically efficient way also the community should be expanding skywards. By using space efficiently, we can use the outside unused land and turn it into farm land. The lights on the inside of the building would also be motion triggered so that energy doesn't get wasted. If you look at cities like Toronto and Brampton, where they are growing at an uncontrollable rate, you realize that a simple change in direction can create a more attractive, cleaner, safer and sustainable city


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