Rescue Words Paula Barton

Tumultuous -

Noisy and disorderly

She felt lost and disoriented in the tumultuous crowd at the baseball game.


to fall away in quantity or quality

wan -

Dim, faint.

The skyline was lovely in the wan light of dawn.


abandoned, dilapidated


evoking deep emotion

Poignant photos get you right in the feels.


Created with images by chrisf608 - "atlantic ocean" • andreasdantz - "Hurricane 2013" • ep_jhu - "Gay Rights are Human Rights" • Myriams-Fotos - "empty coffee cup dried coffee used" • laszlo-photo - "Wan Chai" • simpleinsomnia - "CDV of a sickly, elderly woman" • 1681551 - "tank military war" • Pexels - "abandoned building carriage" • 1556045 - "gold portrait graceful" • skeeze - "soldier daughter child" • Imahinasyon Photography - "Street Photogpraphy"

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