Network Streaming apps How broadcast companies are trying to get with the times

Streaming Apps are now the future of Television

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming services
HBO GO and HBO NOW are HBO's Streaming Services
THE CW's Online Streaming App
CBS's Streaming App
The subscription service expanded early this year from a mere 60 countries into a total of over 190. It has 83m subscribers, including 47m in America, who pay between $8 and $12 a month for it. Appetite for its many-flavoured fare is strong. A Netflix household streams an average of nearly two hours of the service per day.-The
Netflix became a studio in its own right, producing content for international consumption. This was momentous. A company that Hollywood had viewed merely as a distributor of its products had turned itself into a vertically-integrated manufacturer, armed with reams of data about what people liked to watch. There will be plenty of industry-changing milestones ahead, too, according to its co-founder and chief executive, Reed Hastings, who recently declared that “one day we hope to get so good at suggestions that we’re able to show you exactly the right film or TV show for your mood when you turn on Netflix”.-The

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