Champlain College Recognition Lunch Celebrating Staff and Faculty accomplishments and awards

Champlain College celebrated faculty and staff accomplishments during the 2017-18 Academic Year at the annual recognition event, held Wednesday, May 16 in the Argosy Gymnasium.

150 Years of Service by Longtime Employees

We would like recognize the faculty and staff who have been with Champlain College for 20 or 25 years. We thank you for your commitment to the College and appreciate your service to our community. This year, we have five individuals who have reached 20-years, and two individuals who have reached 25 years.

Frank Canovatchel (middle) - 20 years of service honored by Scott Stevens, Dean of ITS.
Core Dean Betsy Beaulieu honored David Kite (far left seated) for 20 years of service.
Kathryn “Kathy” Leo-Nyquist (right) was honored for 20 years of service by EHS Dean Laurel Bongiorno.
David Lustgarten was honored for 20 years of service by CCM Dean Paula Willoquet-Maricondi.
Daphne Walker was honored for 20 years of service by Career Collaborative Director Tanja Hinterstoisser.
Provost & Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs Laurie Quinn (right) honored Jo Corrow for 25 years of service.
Diana Matot was honored for 25 years of service by VP of Enrollment Management Lisa Bunders.
Long-time faculty and staff with Champlain College President Donald J. Laackman.
Twenty years of service will earn a Champlain rocker, chair or table.

Recognition Awards to Individuals and Groups

Dare Award - Vikki Gauvin and Patrick DiMambro

The Dare award originated in 2014 and is presented to faculty or staff members who has made significant contributions to meeting objectives which support the 2020 plan. The President’s Cabinet has an annual evaluation process to decide the recipient. In the Fall, the College launched a new budget process for

Fiscal year 2019, Strategic Budget Planning. This was in an effort to improve the stewardship of our students’ tuition dollars and enhance the student experience. The Finance Office endeavored on the journey of implementing this new approach to reimagine the way that constituents across the institution think about spending. The goals were to help enhance the culture of collaboration and transparency. Vikki Gauvin and Patrick DiMambro have served as leaders at the institution to create a process, build tools, educate campus, and serve as partners to lead the institution through this change.

David J. Provost Wellbeing Award- Susyn Dees, (left) presented by Debra Dayman.

This award recognizes the individual who exemplify the spirit, enthusiasm and commitment modeled by David Provost in supporting Champlain College Wellbeing. David was instrumental in getting the Champlain Wellbeing program started in 2012. He modeled behaviors around his own physical, social, community, financial and career well being. This year’s recipient was a member of the Wellbeing team in its early years. She has continued to be an advocate and supporter of Champlain’s Wellbeing programs. She is also a model for individual wellbeing and supports her community in teaching a Hitt class. This year’s recipient is Susyn Dees. Susyn,

Staff Council Award - Joe Williams, presented by Christina Erickson

Each year, the Staff Council Award is presented to a staff member that actively engaged in helping to make Champlain College a great place to work. This year's winner modestly brings so much for our community in terms of his enthusiasm, commitment and attitude. He is involved in Staff Council, Student Employment Committee, shows spirit on different holidays which engages fun with students. He participates in Champlain events and always works to create a supportive and inclusive environment for all employees. We are lucky to have him. The 2018 winner of the Staff Council Award is: Joe Williams

John Lavallee Innovation Award - Salesforce/TargetX implementation Team, presented by Diana Matot.

This award annually recognizes the person or group of people behind a technology solution, process improvement or innovation effort that has had a significant, positive impact for Champlain College. This can touch any part of Champlain College. And consideration was given to a variety of innovations using as broad and inclusive a definition of positive impact as possible. We are now in our sixth year of recognizing technology and process improvement initiatives.

These team members were involved in the Salesforce/TargetX implementation for Traditional Undergrad and Continuing Professional Studies Recruitment: Meghan Daly, Melissa Marcello, Marianna Nowacki, Ellie Denton, Meghan Haley, Leandre Waldo, Hannah Rounds, Karen Heil, Ginger Pressey, Chris Perlongo, Jen Perlee and Cooper Fellows.

Faculty Promotions

Twice in the course of a faculty career, members of the Champlain faculty are eligible to apply for promotion to the next rank of faculty. Today we honor and celebrate our colleagues who have been promoted from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor. Extensive virtual portfolios are prepared by each group of eligible applicants over months, documenting years of teaching, service, and professional development accomplishment and learning. For the faculty peer committee members, the President, and I, these substantial reading experiences steep us in the contributions of talented faculty members and give us great pride in Champlain.

Assistant Professor to Associate Professor: (l-r) Kristin Wolf, Rowshan Nemazee, Dean Lawson, Kenneth Howell, Tarn Foerg, Valerie Esposito, with Provost Laurie Quinn and President Donald Laackman.

Provost Laurie Quinn announced promotions from Associate Professor to Professor: (l-r) Sanford Zale, Robert Mayer and Craig Pepin, with Champlain President Donald Laackman.

Lindsey Godwin (center) was named the first Robert P. Stiller School Endowed Chair recipient. With her are Champlain College President Donald Laackman and Provost Laurie Quinn.

Robert P. Stiller Endowed Chair.

Professor Lindsey Godwin has been named the College’s Robert P. Stiller Endowed Chair. The Stiller Chair provides strategic planning and leadership for the Cooperrider Center; ensures the highest quality academic program development in the Center’s educational activities, provides global thought leadership and cultivates relationships on behalf of the Center, SSB, and Champlain; and is the scholarly leader for the knowledge incubation held at the Center.

President's Awards

The next three awards are the Elizabeth Durick Staff Award, the Francine Page Excellence in Teaching Award and the Edward Phelps Lyman Professorship Award. Each of these awards reinforces that people are at the heart of Champlain. They acknowledge that we each have an active role to play in achieving our vision to become the finest, small professionally and globally focused college in the United States.

Elizabeth A. Durick Staff Service Award - Aram Sevakian, presented by Champlain President Donald Laackman.

The Elizabeth A. Durick Staff Service Award.

This award was established in 1996 and is intended to recognize a member of the staff who has had a positive impact on the College community. This annual award is named in honor of the late Elizabeth Durick, who was an exemplary staff member and who also served on the College’s Board of Trustees. Recipients of the Durick Award consistently demonstrate many of the characteristics that allowed Elizabeth Durick to have such a positive and lasting influence on the College – professionalism, dedication, and flexibility in the accomplishment of their responsibilities. He or she also displays a high level of initiative and a helpful attitude toward all faculty, staff and students.

According to one of this year’s nominators, this year’s award recipient “Makes his mark with a quiet strength and poignancy that impacts students and colleagues alike. He makes the intricacy of work and advocacy almost seamless.” Please congratulate our 2018 Elizabeth Durick Staff Service award recipient, Aram Sevakian.

The Francine Page Excellence in Teaching Award - Presented by Provost Laurie Quinn to Kimberly Quinn, with President Donald Laackman.

The Francine Page Excellence in Teaching Award

This award bears the name of an adjunct faculty member of the college community who has shown dedication to students and to the mission of Champlain College through excellence in teaching. The Francine Page award is presented to an adjunct faculty member who has demonstrated a commitment to striving for achievement through expertise in their discipline and who has brought that content to life for Champlain students with engaging teaching practices.

This year's winner exudes professionalism, total dedication to her students, and constant positivity. She already goes way beyond what she needs to in terms of service and care for or students. She likes to joke that she teaches the ‘kindergarten’ of the Psychology program, as she teaches several of our key first-year courses. I always know that our students, at a time when many feel vulnerable, are in superb care of an utmost compassionate human being.”

Thank you Kim Quinn for being a faculty member who has made such a difference to our students’ learning. You are the 2018 Francine Page Award winner.

Edward Phelps Lyman Professorship Award - Lindsey Godwin, (center) presented by Provost Laurie Quinn and President Donald Laackman.

The Edward Phelps Lyman Professorship

The Edward Phelps Lyman Professorship bears the name of a full-time faculty member of the College community who has shown dedication to students and Champlain College through a record of service and excellence in teaching and advising, and through substantive work on Faculty and College committees.

The Lyman Award winner is a person who has demonstrated a commitment to the College to educate people for careers in business and community service through mentorship of students in academics and activities and who is an active citizen of the community at large. The Edward Phelps Lyman Professorship exemplifies these qualities and is named annually by the President and me.

Colleagues had this to say about our 2018 Lyman winner: “She has provided intellectual and moral support to me and to members of my academic department, the Library through the years. Perhaps her biggest impact has been her influence on the development of new library faculty members and leaders; we have had the good fortune to collaborate with her on several projects and we truly appreciate her insight, her collegiality, and her gentle sense of humor.”

We are a teaching-focused college, and this is a teaching award first and foremost. To be a Professor at Champlain, and to earn the Lyman Professorship, one should be both an amazing teacher and an outstanding college citizen each and every day. Lindsey Godwin, you are a beloved faculty member, a treasured colleague and an institutional leader, and you are the 2018 Lyman Award winner.

Photos by Stephen Mease, Director of Public Information and News, Strategic Communication at Champlain College.



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