Raid Seven- Roman Colosseum tricia Jordan


After googling famous historical structures, I decided on the Roman Colosseum because there are so many layers to the building that add a lot of interesting features. I know that I'm not good at Minecraft, and attempting to do this project in there would take way too much time. Therefore I decided to sketch the structure as an easier and quicker alternative. To begin, I took a regular 8.5 by 11 inch piece of paper to sketch the Colosseum and determine the sizing/scale of each aspect. The final piece of poster paper I used was twice as big as the planning paper which was helpful in that each column, window, and ledge would take up the same amount of space on both drafts.

I used the picture above as a reference. From here I began to work on the larger picture, first sketching in pencil and then going over it in dark marker.

Finally I used colored pencils to add color and shading to the picture, all while taking progress pictures to demonstrate each step along the way.

Failures & Successes

1. I thought this would be easier than Minecraft but it ended up taking probably the same amount of time

2. It was difficult to get the edges rounded right and each line pointed in the right direction in order to make the building look more three dimensional

3. The shading was hard, especially when adding in the light in the arches, because I wanted it to add depth but it definitely didn't come out like I had envisioned.

4. I wish I hadn't added color, I should have just shaded with a little pencil. The colors aren't right and I think it looks tacky.

5. When the drawing was just black and white I really liked the end product, and despite a few mistakes I thought there was a good amount of depth to show that it was a three dimensional, rounded building.

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