Innovative Floating Technology to Accelerate Offshore Wind Power A low-cost, easily manufactured floating wind turbine

at Northeastern University

We at Sustainable Structures Group are focused on innovating in the offshore wind turbine space. Since towers and foundations (or floating platforms) account for nearly half of the cost of an offshore turbine built with existing technology, and are hard to fabricate and transport, substituting lighter structures can substantially reduce levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and permit widespread manufacturing.

Our patent-pending shallow-draft floating platform, supporting a spread-base tower, offers benefits such as easy quayside erection, easy and rapid installation, passive wind yawing, and simplified drivetrain.


  • LCOE targeted at ~$0.05/kWh
  • Manufacturable with minimal infrastructure investment
  • Rapid build-out to address climate crisis immediately
  • Developable at commercial scale- (10MW) in 5 years
  • Uses known technology from other industries to slash weight/cost & increase buildability

Problems with Conventional Designs

  • Cost: $4.4M/MW for fixed offshore turbines, need subsidies to deliver competitive electricity; current floating turbine designs cost even more
  • Infrastructure: U.S. doesn’t have the factories, ports, and installation ships to support current designs
  • Rate: More than 100 years to displace 25% of of current electricity consumption in the US at currently planned installation rates

Our Design

The US's offshore wind energy capacity is vast, but there remain hurdles to realizing its full potential. To capture this market, we must imagine a new turbine that can be locally manufactured, easily deployed, viable at a variety of depths, and delivered at a price that is competitive with fossil fuels, without subsidy.

Light lattice towers and shallow-draft floats aligning with wind & wave-following are inexpensive and easy to build and install. System is less than 1000 tonnes at 10 MW capacity.

Meet the Team

Andrew T. Myers

  • Licensed professional engineer
  • Stanford PhD in structural engineering
  • Tenured professor at Northeastern University
  • 8 years experience in offshore wind energy
  • 15 years experience in large-scale structural testing and analysis
  • Sabbatical appointment at Danish Technical University (DTU Wind Energy) in 2018

Jeremy M. Papadopoulos

  • Licensed professional engineer
  • MIT PhD in applied mechanics
  • 30+ years of industrial experience in design of structural/mechanical systems, manufacturing of capital equipment
  • Pioneer of several innovative techniques (8 patents)

Get in Touch

We are rethinking offshore wind engineering. Please contact us with questions or inquiries about our offshore wind turbine design.


We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center as part of their Catalyst program.