Create Change From Home Adobe Employees Making an Impact

March – May 2020

Although Adobe employees around the world are social distancing due to the COVID-19 crisis, many are finding innovative ways to make a difference in their communities and lift each other up. We've shared a few of their stories below.

Brandon Pack | Dir, Software Development

Brandon and his wife Mindy, a vocal coach and singing teacher, saw how many singers and musicians were being impacted during this time and decided to create change. Mindy with the help of her good friend Dr. Reena Gupta (an ENT physician working on the front lines of COVID) raised funds, put together a paying gig and form a virtual choir from around the globe to help them pay bills while also trying to raise money for the MusiCares COVID-19 relief charity fund.

Brandon and Mindy worked with an artist by the name of Ky Baldwin to put it all together using Adobe Software. Check out the incredible final piece here!

“The fact that we had over 200 submissions to the on-line audition in only a matter of days showed just how difficult these times are for musicians, singers, and artists. Being able to provide some work not only helped cover bills or pay for some meals but allowed these creative individuals to share their talents with the world and prove no pandemic will silence their voices.”

Jonathan Lancar | Mgr. Software Development

Since March, Jonathan and his wife started printing and assembling face shields for medical workers all across the Bay Area. Since then, they have printed, assembled, and delivered over 600 shields– some of them even went to other parts of California, Arizona and New York! While they’ve been prioritizing medical workers, they’ve also given shields to cancer patients, pregnant women, therapists and other professionals who deal with people daily.

“We have learned a lot along the way and I can only be grateful for how Adobe has handled this situation. It has truly inspired us to follow our leadership and do.”

Brand Purpose Team | India

In partnership with Concern India Foundation, the Brand Purpose team in India invited Adobe employees to participate and express their gratitude to those on the front lines. As the first virtual Create Change Day, we were able to convene over 370 volunteers to come together to create digital ‘Thank You’ cards using Adobe Spark with the help of experts at Noida and Bangalore. The result, 650+ beautiful cards were created. These cards will be distributed by the NGO to the real heroes, viz front-line workers in partner hospitals, and health care facilities. The event was open to friends and family members of the employees who came together to learn the ‘Spark tool’ through a creative tutorial by Saagar Gavri and Lakshya Shrivastava at Noida and by Kavya Gopal at Bangalore. The event was led by Sathya G & Werlene Fernandes in Bangalore and Mrinalini Sardar in Noida. Collectively, on the same day Adobe India raised $20K for the charity. The grant raised will be used towards purchase of Ventilators, ECG and X- Ray machines and PPEs for the hospitals in north and south India.

Russ Babcock | Sr. Program Manager

Russ and team have organized the Adobe Utah Food Drive with a goal of raising $1M, which will feed 121 families of four for 1 year! Proceeds this year go to the Utah Food Bank.

"It has been amazing to see the impact our annual food drive has on our community each year. This year is so much more significant with the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on our community. We all have family, friends, and neighbors who have lost jobs and have found themselves in need of the help from our food banks. I’m so happy Adobe Utah is coming together to give back and help our overwhelmed food banks."

Brian Landers | Site Reliability Engineer

Brian helped organize a remote volunteer activity for the Utah Animal Adoption Center that focused on writing creative social media posts from the perspective of adoptable pets. The goal of this was to make posts easier for the shelter to stay on schedule so they can increase brand awareness and engagement which ultimately leads to more adoptions and donations. We had 15 adobe employees write over 120 social media posts!

"By giving time to the shelter I’m able to give them some of Adobe’s money too! The shelter is small so every hour and every penny makes an impact. By the end of 2020 not only will I have helped the shelter by donating time, but I will have been able to donate about 6.5% of their yearly budget. Most of which comes from Adobe grants."

Tessa Vanderwielen | Software Engineer

Tessa participated as a panelist in one of the Ignite Worldwide Virtual Panels to inspire girls and non-binary individuals in STEM, connecting them with professional women in STEM careers. Tessa shared her story and experience working on the Adobe Spark team and gave advice on how students could start building their technical skills today.

"I’m very fortunate to be in a position to share my story and help kids discover their own potential in STEM careers, even if it means just being a face on the screen. I’ve talked with a lot of young girls who have a very limited idea of what a STEM career looks like, often because they’ve never seen themselves represented in those roles. With schools closed and resources and community less available, I want to make sure these kids feel capable, supported, and know that there’s a place for them in this field."

Vijay Sansanwal | EMEA Field Relationships Manager

The UK Action Team are now offering “Social Impact office hours” every Friday, where employees can drop in and learn more about social impact and how they can get involved! This UK Spark page is highlights the local charities and partners they’ve been working with to provide support during lockdown times. It’s another great example of taking global resources and making them hyper local.

"Volunteering is one of the most important and rewarding things we do in our organization, and there is no better time to create a positive impact than the moment we are living in. I feel it’s important to ensure that our employees are involved and engaged in Create Change activities and social impact opportunities. I feel privileged to be able to make a difference for our community and add amazing social impact memories by encouraging co-workers to volunteer remotely."

Stacy Martinet | VP, Marketing Strategy & Communications

Earlier this year, Stacy’s husband set-up a 3D printer in their garage to learn how to do 3D renderings. What started out as ticking something off his bucket list quickly changed when they realized he could make face shields.

“We feel personally responsible to do what we can to help during this time. It’s our hope that this small contribution can in some way support the people on the frontlines, working tirelessly to keep us all safe, and to whom we are all very grateful.”

Alexandru Funduianu | Software Development Engineer

Alex is one of the first volunteers to fund and grow an open source face shield initiative in Romania. Started as a team goal for 10,000 shields it swiftly developed into a nation-wide campaign joining medical staff to makers with numbers now roaring at 150,000 shields produced, 2000 volunteers and 1100 institutions helped for free. Following the same distributed model, Alex drove the efforts to launch the project in the neighboring country, the Republic of Moldova with full country coverage now. Learn more about this project and Alex’s contributions here.

"The most important thing I learned while doing this project is that common sense and reason is what we're asked for and as we navigated through rollercoasters of emotions and mixed inputs, it's the practicality of things that made us lead this change." Maker team quote: "The best makers are the ones that make a change."

Martha Nino | Sr. Marketing Manager

Social Distancing does NOT mean Socially Disconnecting. Martha has opened up her early mornings and later afternoons to offer time to her fellow Adobe employees who need someone to talk to and to show them that they are not alone during these tough times. Simple, find an open spot on her calendar and she’s all ears. She will listen, google you a joke, give you bad cooking advice or anything you need! When she posted this on SLACK, a dozen+ Adobe employees raised their hands to be available too – now, how cool is that!

“Humans for Humans period. We don’t have to be perfect – we just have to be there. Zero formalities zero judgement.”

Shivam Goel | Member of Technical Staff 2

With the help of family and friends, Shivam Goel has been organizing and delivering meal preps for those in need in Meerut, UP (India). Shivam has helped feed 150 individuals daily since April 7th.

“A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.”

Caitlin Foster | Customer Success Manager

If you need a little laugh AND want to make an impact, check out the 2:1 fundraising campaign that Caitlin and the ANZ Site Council launched this week in Australia: A Day in the Life with Shantanu – Down Under.

Chris Chapman | Head of Digital Trading (EMEA)

This week, Chris announced the official launch of Bear Essentials, a new clothing brand created to support National Health Service heroes. Teddy, the NHS bear, was created using our very own products, and represents the truly heroic work that all of our front-line workers are doing each and every day to support us during this pandemic. Check out the website, share far and wide with all of your networks, and of course, feel free to purchase as much as you like (they ship all over EMEA!) All profits will go towards the NHS Charities Together Fund.

Kyle Webster | Sr. Design Evangelist

Adobe Sr. Design Evangelist Kyle T. Webster leads a 25-minute drawing workshop for kids of all ages on Adobe Live every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 2:30PM PST. The workshop includes a draw-along segment, a drawing game, a live chat-inspired animal drawing, and an art tip. No software or hardware required for kids to participate - just a pencil and paper.

Check out past sessions on Behance or YouTube.

Matthew Young | Senior Software Engineer

Matthew has been working with Stitching Hearts Worldwide to create sleeping mats for refugees who don’t have access to beds. He recycles grocery bags and weaves them into mats for Stitching Hearts Worldwide to sends to refugees.

“Weaving mats has been a great way for my family and I to help while social distancing at home.”

Xavier Grosjean | Software Development Engineer

A week ago, Xavier joined Visiere Solidaire, an organization that focuses on identifying face shields needs and makers in Paris. With the help of 15 makers, they have delivered 1,008 shields and 656 more are in the making!

With the help of many, Visiera Solidaire has produced and distributed a total of 172, 262 face shields across France.

“Being slightly and remotely ‘involved in the fighting’ helps me better cope with the situation and stressful lockdown than just waiting for it to disappear.”

Kelly Nicholes | Sr. Software Engineer

With the help of four other makers, Kelly has built and donated around 400 face shields to the local community in Utah. They continue to make more for ERs, nursing homes, hospice services, dentists, paramedics, firefighters, and the police. Many people have contributed financially allowing Kelly to spend most of his time assembling and arranging the collection/distribution of the shields.

“Thanks, Adobe, for giving me the resources and peace of mind during this craziness that I need to help others.”

Jason Levine | Principal Creative Cloud Evangelist

Need a break from conference calls? Adobe evangelist Jason Levine offers a musical respite to his 50k followers across channels, with a daily simulcast of piano and vocals, while conversing with listeners on the stream. Check out a clip or listen to a full performance.

Scott Kagawa | Sr. Customer Success Consultant

Scott created a virtual performance space for freelance artists whose income stream has been completely cut off due to shelter in place. They have already had a few performances, some artists making over $400. You can check out the performances here and make sure to follow Performing Arts Live to be updated on upcoming performances.

"As a former gigging musician, I understand what it's like to live performance to performance and I can't imagine what my family would do during this time. The performing arts are in danger and hopefully this digital performance venue can help bridge the gap until things go back to normal."

Susan Negrin | Sr. Intl Program Manager

To support our community, Susan has sewn 76 colorful masks to give to friends, grocery workers, CNAs and nurses.

“I know CNAs and nurses (2 in my own family, and others who are close friends) working on the front lines in hospitals and nursing facilities. This is a small way for me to help them and those they work with. I enjoy sewing, so this is a 'win-win'."

Hebron Mak | Lead Software Engineer

Given the tough conditions and long shifts ER and ICU workers have to face during the outbreak, Lebron and his wife started two meal trains to feed ER and ICU workers at Eden Hospital in Castro Valley. Check out their meal trains below if you are interested in helping:

“There is a famous quote that reads, ‘Since he did not spare even his own Son but gave him up for us all, won’t he also give us everything else?’ I was given the most precious gift anyone could possibly receive, so that drives me to give to others as well.”

Naomi Craig | Sr. Manager FP&A

After hearing all the stories of what nurses and doctors deal with each day, Naomi felt compelled to make mosaic in gratitude for the dedication they show in taking care of COVID-19 patients. This particular mosaic will go to a friend of hers to help lift her spirits as she deals with this new reality daily as a nurse at Stanford.

“I wanted to express my gratitude the best way I know how, and that is through mosaic art.”

Elina Kusch | Customer Success Manager, EMEA

Elina started a campaign to offer dog walking and grocery shopping services to elderly and ill neighbors in Munich. The PDF template was made available for Adobe employees to download to use for their own neighborhood programs.

“I already got feedback from an 85-year old man who told me he never experienced such kindness and is extremely thankful.”

Kavita Mittal | Group Product Manager, Cloud Tech

With the help of her two sons, Kavita created homemade face-masks and donated them to Good Samaritan hospital.

“It’s a tiny drop in an ocean but hopefully the cheery prints will make someone less stressed and keep our folks at the frontlines a tiny bit more protected. I am so happy to be part of Adobe, that makes software to allow people to take their inspiration to fruition, sharing and hopefully, proliferation.”

Pratap Khalsa | Senior Program Manager

During this tough time, the daily wage workers across different avenues in India are badly hit. Our long-term local Noida based NGO partner Sai Kripa has approached the Project Smile core team to arrange food for daily wage workers. To support this noble cause, the team has initiated a collection drive and pledged donations for 100 families; Raised for 60+ families in just 4 days. In addition, Adobe will also match individual employee donations.

Juliet Baker | Consumer and Business Retention Manager, EMEA

Juliet volunteered with her 6-year-old daughter, Eleri to fill-in and drop leaflets around Surrey Heath neighborhoods in England to ensure the elderly, vulnerable and ill had the right contact information for the local volunteers helpline to support picking up prescriptions, essential food and provision of relevant support.

“In supporting communities, we elevate each other to journey through whatever life throws at us. My daughter was proud that practicing her handwriting while filling in the leaflet was meaningful and found it rewarding helping others. I am proud to be part of the several networks at Adobe with equally passionate colleagues, inspiring others and making a difference in their own way especially during the Covid-19 pandemic."

Faye Skinner | Site Operations Manager, UK and North EMEA

The aim of the ‘Art for Trash’ initiative was to bring environmental art into the office and stimulate environmental awareness and responsibility in not only our employees, but also our customers and visitors. Helping people to understand and to get into the habit of sorting out the rubbish, and recycling properly.

“I am really excited to showcase all these amazing pieces in the Shoreditch office when we return to work. A huge shout out to the fantastic artist, Francesca Busca.”

Cameron Burks​ | Global Safety & Security​

Global Safety & Security donated 2,000 N95 masks ​to three Bay Area hospitals to help protect our courageous, front-line healthcare professionals from the COVID-19 virus.​

"We are proud to help our amazing medical community; nothing is more important than the safety of our Adobe family and our fellow community members as we come together to support one another during this crisis.”

Molly Diaz | Sr. Marketing Specialist, Action Team Leader

Launched a campaign to raise $10,000 for Denver Public Schools and the local foodbank to ensure schoolchildren and other people facing food insufficiencies are getting nutritious food.

“We are fortunate enough to work for a company that truly cares. The Denver Site Council and Action Team wanted to echo this on a hyper-local level and make sure we are taking care of our neighbors in this time of crisis.”​

Stephanie Dolmat | ESG Reporting Lead, Brand Purpose​

Working for Salt Lake City Councilwoman Shireen Ghorbani, helped lead a campaign that raised over $11,000 for the Utah Food Bank, to provide more than 43,000 meals to families in need.​

“My teammates on the Brand Purpose team are a huge source of inspiration to me. I'm so thankful I can amplify ​my impact and #CreateChange.”​

Learn more about how Adobe is committed to helping our community during the pandemic.