The Best Of Me Kristen harris

This is an analogy of the lives of Dawson and Amanda. It shows how Amanda's life is a mixture of good and bad things. The vanilla represents all of the good things in Amanda's life while the chocolate represents all of the bad things. On the other hand, Dawson's life is like a game of shoots and ladders. He will work hard and go up the "ladder" just to have an obstacle in the way to take him down the "slide".

This is a haiku. It breifly shows what happened between the love of Amanda and Dawson. They were driven apart by a death, caused by Dawson. They then go their seperate ways with empty hearts as their lifes change completely. Then eventually the death of a past friend brings them back together.

This is a slogan describing fate. The book is all about the love story and lifes between Amanda and Dawson. Fate was meant to bring them back together. They follow their hearts throughout the book leading them back to eachother.

Dawson went through a tragic accident as a young adult. He had to live his life while being full of guilt. He says in the book how he feels haunted. These dark memories of his past have come back to haunt him and his thoughts.

This is an obituary for the character Tuck Hostetler. He died in the book leading Amanda and Dawson's paths back together. His death played a very important role in the book.

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