The ABC's of Africa By Justice Solis

The continent of Africa
This is the Congo RIver
The Sahara desert in Northern Africa
This is an Egyptian
The area of the Ghana empire
HIV is found before known as AIDS
Islam is the main religion of Africa
The Mali empire is one of the few empires of Africa
Longest river in the world in Africa

Oil is the main natural resource of Africa

Pharaoh is one of the top in the caste system


Created with images by South African Tourism - "Joburg Nights - South Africa" • WikiImages - "africa continent aerial view" • Gidzy - "Lanterns in St Annes Square, Manchester, for the Chinese New Year" • Irene2005 - "Kinshasa from the 16th floor" • FuN_Lucky - "namibia desert sand" • clementchene - "Egyptian statue" • CheeseCrazed - "HIV" • SJTUK - "granada alhambra generalife" • 3dman_eu - "globe algeria niger" • jmmy - "sunset nile egypt"

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