Weekly Newsletter Friday 13 November 2020

Dear Parents & Guardians

Another week in the national lockdown and I hope you and your families are all coping well. A reminder that, given the lockdown, people should only be going out for:

  • attending education
  • going to work, if working from home isn’t possible
  • exercise
  • essential food shopping

Whilst some people may be feeling frustrated by the restrictions, we must all follow the rules to keep us, our families and our communities safe. Families have been super at staying at home and self-isolating if a member of the household has displayed symptoms – and a big thank you for this. Please remember :

  • social distancing on the yard, each area is big enough to accommodate people spacing out
  • try not to congregate around the gates as this blocks the way through for others
  • to wear a face mask when you come into school (unless you are exempt)

Your help in these matters is much appreciated.

Thank You

A big thank you to all those children who bought a poppy over the last couple of weeks, they were certainly worn with pride. On Wednesday we held a remote Remembrance Assembly, with Year 6 children sharing some war time poems, and we were very proud of our whole Avondale family and the children were amazing in showing their respect.

Another thank you for today – it has been wonderful to see a rainbow of colours around the school. With everything that is going on currently, to see such buoyant and happy children in their multi coloured outfits, has been a fantastic ending to the week. Our first count of monies donated for Children in Need is just over £300. This is absolutely fantastic and I know will make a big difference to many many children.

Car Parking

Please ensure you are courteous in where you park. We have been informed that traffic enforcement officers will be patrolling regularly around school. It’s not just about illegal parking and fines, it’s about the safety of children. According to the Highway Code no person should park near a school entrance. The specifics are:

Yellow zig-zag lines outside schools indicate the length of road where stopping or waiting is strictly prohibited and double yellow lines mean no waiting at any time.


Just a couple of reminders of things happening in school next week:

  • On Tuesday 17 November, the school nurse will be in school doing Heights & Weights with Year 6 children.
  • On Thursday 19 November Lancashire Vision Screening staff will be in school undertaking eye tests with Year 1 children. Vision Screening is an 'opt out' assessment and therefore all children will be screened unless an email is sent to the school office indicating that you do not want your child to be screened - office@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk

Each week the staff identify a member of the class who has really shone. This week our stars are:

Well done to all our stars!
Our assembly theme next week is our school value of 'Kindness' which will be closely linked in with Anti-bullying Week. We will also be exploring the question ' What are the best ways to keep active?'.

Remote Learning

If your child is absent from school, there are home learning packs available for collection. These are closely linked with work that the other children in school will be doing. We expect that your child will spend between 3-4 hours on school work per day. We would like to provide daily written feedback about your child’s work so that we can encourage and advise. Please send in daily photographs of what work they have completed to the relevant email address:

  • Reception : avondalerec@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk
  • Year 1 : avondale1@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk
  • Year 2 : avondale2@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk
  • Year 3 : avondale3@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk
  • Year 4 : avondale4@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk
  • Year 5 : avondale5@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk
  • Year 6 : avondale6@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk

Pupil Wellbeing & Safeguarding

Mrs Wright is currently not in school, so if you need any help and/or advice or you need to speak to one of the school's other Designated Safeguarding Leads (Mrs Brown and Mrs Morgan) please make contact via the office - office@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk


As we are in another lockdown, Phonics Play is allowing us to share our school login details so the full site can continue to be used at home. We use this a lot in school to back up our phonics and spelling work and lots of children have their favourite games to play. Why not let them show you what they can do? The link to the website is below:

  1. The username is: Avondale
  2. The password is: Avondale


Christmas is going to be a little different for us all this year, including here at school. As with everything at the moment, the impact of Covid is making us think about what we can do, what we can do safely and how can we do things differently? With this is mind, and I’m sure you will fully understand, we will not be able to host face to face Christmas performances this year. I’m sure you will all be as sorry about this as we are, as it is always one of the highlights of our school year.

We are mindful that the Reception play is a part of children’s schooling and something that parents remember for years. So, our Reception children will still be taking part in a performance and this will be recorded. We are planning to break up the performance so each class can record scenes within their bubble and then we will merge the recording and send a link home to Reception parents so that you can watch it together as a family over the holiday period. This is our plan so far, however given how things are changing so quickly if we need to amend things at the last minute please bear with us.

For the rest of the school, we are looking at each class choosing a Christmas song or carol and recording this too. Again, we need to do this within class bubble rules to keep everyone safe.

As soon as we have more firm arrangements, we will share this information with you.

Feeling creative and festive? If so, take a look at the workshop below:

If you would be interested in taking part in the above then please contact the school office office@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk by Wednesday 18 November.

Access to Technology

In previous newsletters, I have asked about those families who may not have access to a computer/tablet at home in order for children to be able to access lessons and online learning materials, should they need to be absent from school. I am asking this question again as if we are able to help we will do so. If you would let us know by calling or emailing the school office – office@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk

It may be that your issue is more about internet connection? Again, if this is the case please let us know as there may be something we can do to help.

Online Safety

Lots of children play the online game Fortnite, the Parent Zone website has all you need to know about the popular game. Click the link below to read a guide to the basics, and tips for encouraging children to play safely and in moderation.

Dog Fouling

Unfortunately, we have seen a spate of incidents recently where a few children have come into school with dog mess on shoes etc. This is not only unpleasant; it could be dangerous. While most dog owners are caring, responsible individuals, there are still some people who do not clean up after their pets. At this current time, we need to ensure that we maintain good hygiene, so please if you see anybody allowing their dog to foul around the school site/entrances, please politely ask them to pick up their poop and take it away!

Dates for the Diary

Mrs Brown, Headteacher

Thank you for reading!


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