Jason looking at the Roman gladiators

Ill be your travel guide Jason Garcia

Jason Your Travel Guide

First We Will Be Stopping At The Colosseum!!!


Wow each gladiator has a different play style! Each play-style can counter another. Whew that was a quick fight!

The Dead Gladiator

Often in gladiator fights... one of the fighters is the underdog, most gladiators that win get famous very fast! Most gladiators often use a gladius ( SWORD ) and a shield allowing for great offense and defense!

Gladius And Shield :)

All gladiators need good armor look at the this amazing helmet!

Roman Helmet

Many great artists love to draw the Colosseum look at this beautiful drawing by Charlotte Rago!

The Drawing

Thank You For Coming Aboard The Roman Gladiator Express Get a Slice Of Cake While You Take Your Way Out Of Rome!!!

hmm... Cake! It's Even The Parthenon From Rome!


Created with images by bud ellison - from the street - "Rome"

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