Hootsuite Certified Dakota Weatherford

On April 13, 2017 I became officially Hootsuite Certified. To many that probably means nothing (which is fine). BUT, hopefully after my experience is shared with you you too will want to become Hootsuite Certified too.

Hootsuite is a way to enhance your social media management and track what people are saying about your brand. It allows one to schedule posts for all social media platforms and be virtually hands free. This is a game changer in the social media realm.

What Did I Learn

With the demand for social media at an all time high, managing multiple platforms can become exhausting. Hootsuite is making how businesses are able to monitor multiple streams look like a piece of cake. You can monitor Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Pages, Foursquare, Instagram, Wordpress blogs, Vimeo, Tumblr and many more. If you're becoming overwhelmed at how many platforms there are to use don't be. Another great feature I learned about this program is the ability to have multiple people on your team running your empire. This takes a huge load off someones back! You have the Super Admin, Admin and Team Admin. Each management settings allows for different security settings.

Favorite Lesson

My favorite lesson was learning how to schedule Instagram posts through Hootsuite. I am a Instagram addict. This is by far my favorite social media platform and learning during this chapter that I could choose my posts for the week beforehand and then be notified when they are ready to be posted blew me away!

Beneficial About the Program

I don't know exactly where my path will take me after graduation but if I had to give anyone advice who is looking into going into the social media job field I would highly recommend becoming Hootsuite Certified. You learn teamwork, time management, organization skills, and how to understand analytics. After #Freberg17 is over I still hope to implement this program into my social media sites to help further my personal brand and find my Niche.


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