Cycle to Break the Cycle #Livefor175 by lisa Moore-clifton

How an ordinary Girls Night turned into an extraordinary week!

Change of Plans

My best friend Megan and I went out Sat evening for a typical GNO of Sushi, dancing, and fun. But when we saw the bikes at the Village in Meridian and Kiss FM we dropped our after dinner plans!

We had stumbled into the 10th year of a campaign to raise awareness for child abuse called Live For 175. 24 hrs a day for 7 days straight people would come and ride these stationary bikes. Day and night, rain or shine, the bikes were going. And the radio station would broadcast live at the village getting the message out and inviting people to come and Cycle to Break the Cycle!

So when Megan and I realized what it was, we decided to change our after dinner plans, go get our workout clothes on and Cycle to Break the Cycle in the middle of the night!

(Only best friends share the same type of crazy!)

Turn the Radio on!

We had heard about this campaign on the radio, but wasn't sure about the details and if we could find the time.

I had learned in my teaching class on teaching the Exceptional Child that abuse was a big factor for disorders like Emotional Behavioral Disorder and severe and profound disabilities.

My heart really broke when I learned about Emotional Behavioral Disorder and I have been trying to figure out what steps we could possibly take in our education system regarding the disorder. Many of the factors come from outside the school's control, like abuse, so what do we do?

Abuse, like Shaken Baby, can cause severe disabilities, robbing kids of so many opportunities!

People need to know that in 2016, in the state of Idaho alone, there were over 2000 kids who got services from the state for abuse! And over 1500 of those were sexual abuse!

First Step: Awareness

So we decided to get out there and Cycle to Break the Cycle, because awareness is really the first step to find a solution to any problem.

So at 1 am we hit the bikes!

Everyone was encouraged to post their pics with #LiveFor175

Even if you were unable to come ride, if you can post a pic with the #LiveFor175 to show your support, it still helps so much!

The stage was set

You could ride for however long you could. Some had been there for a while!

And some would stay long after we left!

Midnight Warriors!!

Some were in jeans and others in workout clothes. Whatever people could do was so appreciated!

We met the DJ, "Kiki Love," who would be staying up all night live on the air

Throughout the week I kept hearing stories on the radio and the little things would bring tears to my eyes. So I talked about it with most people I came into contact with, inviting them to come Cycle to Break the Cycle.

I had also decided to ride again before the week was over.

So I did!

Friday am before work


A group with disabilities came to show their support! This awesome guy was so proud to take part!

Some teachers shared with me that there was also an autism awareness walk on Sat!


I got to meet Chris Cruz and Tasha Box, the DJ's for the morning show, and hear their heart for this cause!

Join us next year, the last week in April, to Cycle to break the cycle, and go #LiveFor175 to end Child Abuse Awareness Month!!


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