No Zoo's Tyler

Have you ever looked at the animals in a zoo? They’re lonely. We can change that by shutting down zoos. Then they would be back in the wild and with friends and not sad. We kill animals that are hurt when we are scared and they can't fight.

Animals are hunted and taken from their home and to zoos for our amusement.They get sad and lonely and get tired of being in a cage and people looking at them. They are sometimes killed for not doing things or if someone falls in they have to die. Even if they can't hurt people like sloth, frog, and even bunnies because a kid was scared. And people just think that animals will never be more than toys that's why we have to stop them We come and chop down their home and then we laugh about it.

That is wrong,what if that happened to you? And it is bad we kill animals in the process and we laugh. We can change. We need to show all the animals the love we share with our cats, dogs, and bunnies.We are the bad guys to them. They fight us because they're scared of us. Let's change that. They should be out in there home land and there own home.

I think that they should be free to eat what the are supposed to eat. They should not be stuck with the food that is just like ours. They should be out in the wild they should be free like us.


Created with images by Wilda3 - "wolf predators wildlife"

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