Another year to showcase young talent in the atmosphere of the Adobe 2020 World Wide Sales Conference. This year we had a unique team of individuals with various talents and personalities who came together to create one cohesive team to develop graphic assets including photos and videos for daily and post conference communications.

A thousand plus of photos were taken, multiple hours of film were shot and edited by the students and the talent managers from each respective school. All of this was done under the direction of Chris Brown (Production Manager) and Luke Buxton (Creative Director) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. They have been part of the program for the last 2 years and was up-leveled this year to take on more of a management position and add their past experiences to the project.

Below is a small example of the various work that was created this year by the 2020 University Project Team!

Student Produced Daily Recap Videos

Together the students planned video shooting strategies, executed all video footage shots and edited footage to visually communicate the day's experiences at the conference that was used for daily social media plans and for use after the conference for Adobe teams 2020 messaging plans.




Post Conference Leader Video

This year, post conference video messaging was added as an option for leaders to directly communicate to their teams through video about their take on the overall conference message and how this will apply to their team's strategy for 2020.

Student's Photo Work

Various students took part in capturing the conference through photos. Each student brought a different perspective to obtaining the visual narrative of each day. Some students who typically are either designers or videographers participated for their first time in taking photos at this level. As you will see below the effect of having experienced individuals on the team to do mentoring to give students the opportunity to grow in their skill development as creatives that they can directly use when they return to campus.

Student's Graphic Work

Students created custom graphic elements, designed creative graphic templates and edited photos to develop quote cards for the WWFO Facebook Channel that was posted daily. This was a true collaborative effort! Designers discussed with photographers on shooting positions of subjects to fit their overall design schemes. Photographers added this to their shooting list and other designers pulled all the elements together with the quotes from the particular keynote speakers to finalize the designs.

Photos of Students in Action

This year, we made sure to include the capturing of the student teams in action and together to visually show their own experiences at the conference and with this University project.

Student Reflection Video

The students themselves created at post conference video describing their own personal experiences at the conference and what this University project meant to them. 100% Student Lead.

The Student Thank You

Understanding that it takes a village to put together this program at the conference . . . the project team wanted to do a personal thank you video message to Lisa Beverely (Senior Event Manager), who ensured that the project was set up for success and to make sure the students and talent managers had an incredible experience . . . and the students noticed it and appreciated everything she did for the team.

Created By
Cassonerris Taylor