Carving The dArk side of the moon

By Gavin C., 7th grade

First I started from scratch I had already known before what I wanted to do and has this logo pretty much memorized. I used the straight line tool a lot when making this. The machine worked really good and cut the lines very clean. The machine works by seeing how big the plate is you are carving then reads information from a computer and carves the image it is working with. You load the machine with your carving tile by clamping it down and putting little stake shaped things on the end of the clamps so raise them up to the hight of the carving plate.

This is the real image my carving was based on.

This is how the carving turned out in the end, I like it much better that the thin lined one because. You can see it much the letters and triangle pretty good, and significantly better than the original. I did do a little balancing of the negative and positive shapes on the triangle, it really pops out from the black. The most interesting parts of the carving is the rainbow you have to get creative when there is no other color to mix it up with. Next time I can improve on is make ping the lines bigger the first time around so I don't have to go back and do it a second time.


Created with images by el_silver - "actualites-decembre-2006-pink-floyd-dark-side-of-the-moon"

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