One New Major, but a World of Difference by jeremiah torres

Liberty University is the World's Largest Christian University. The Department of Modern Languages should make a linguistics major available so that students will have more avenues, through which they can spread the Gospel as "Champions For Christ."

Linguistic translation is needed both locally and globally. The Bible has many translations which are accessible through smart devices and sometimes paper copy, however many other christian reading materials are only available in English.

People who live in places like this have no access to any technology from which they can read or hear a Bible in their language. Also, the absence of a written language is not uncommon in many third world countries.

We as students, can make a difference at Liberty University. We hold a world of opportunity in our hands; furthermore, the Department of Modern Languages is subject to the demand of the consumer students. Ultimately we decide what majors come and go. Will you make a difference.

Created By
Jeremiah Torres


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