Force andmotion By: Ethan Ball/Bennett Flesher

Balanced forces cause no change in motion. An example is a car in a parking garage that is at rest.
An unbalanced force always causes a change in motion. An example is this car is in motion.
These cars are moving away from the building, this is an example of motion/an act in motion

Motion: A change in a position relative to another object.

Speed is how fast the object goes. An example is the MPH on the left showing how fast the car is going which this car is going zero miles per hour.

Speed Calculations: Jimmy runs 100m in 22.3s- {S= d over t}{S= 100m over 22.3s}{S= 4.5m/s}

Say that you are calculating the mph from 40min and 80,000ft you need to find the mph so you have to divide 80,000ft/40min you would get 10.2 m/s.

Bibliography: All the info we got was from Ethan's science notebook.


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