Crispr Good or bad?

Crispr is a new genetic tool that allows researchers to edit parts of DNA in an extremely precise matter. It makes use of cas 9 which is a gene editing tool that allows the researchers to edit theDNA.

Crispr is so interesting because it is a new and effective I way to edit genes. This could lead to many future advancements of the human race like the end to disease. We could posible be able to even edit babies in the future. This could allow many new and interesting traits that could further our race. The most interesting possibility crispr has is that it could prove a way to reverse the aging process.

I personally feel that crispr should not be used. I am a practicing Catholic and I believe that God has a plan for all of us and creates us in his own image. We should trust in the Palm that God lays down for us instead of frantically trying to determine our own future. This could also lead to many dangers with gene editing if it got into the hands of the wrong people.

I find crispr so interesting because it is nice to see how far we are coming with advance,nets in science. I would like to see a possible cure for cancer come out of crispr but, outside of of a cure for disease crispr should not be used in my opinion.


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