Carving Project By: Olivia B.


This is a picture of the sketch for my carving. I got this idea because I love the word and idea of dreaming. I surrounded the word in stars to represent night time and the night sky. The story behind this carving is that I am a big dreamer and I love to imagine things happening. The ideas I wanted to show in this carving were imagination and believing that your dreams will come true someday. I search for images of dream.


To customize my design I did many different things. I enhanced all the shapes and their sizes. I also changed the font and text. I made sure my design would carve and print well by making sure the words and shapes were all thick and deep enough. I did not do any research and made my design completely original. My idea changed from bold dream to cursive dream.

Preparing For Carving

To prepare my design for carving I did many things. The steps I took were using the text tool to write the word "Dream" in cursive. Before typing, I chose a font. After that, I added stars and made them different sizes all around the word. Then, I changed the depth and thickness of the words and shapes. I modified my design to make sure it would print correctly by adjusting and moving around the word.


The machine works in an interesting way to create carvings. The machine works by cutting out the words and shapes that you designed yourself on the easel inventables website. There are many steps I took to create my carving. I brainstormed, designed, changed texts and fonts, and added shapes. I also changed the depth and length of the carving. Something that was exciting and surprising was seeing my design come to life. I learned how to make my vision come to life, how to fix problems, and how to carve.


My project turned out very well and portrays my vision very well. It turned out exactly how I'd planned because I made sure to make everything look how I imagined. I am most proud of the font I chose and the coloring. I could improve the creativness of the design next time. The most interesting part of this project was figuring out how to make my idea come to life. It was difficult to find a way to make sure everything carved the way I wanted it to. In conclusion, I really enjoyed this project because it brought out my determination and creativity.

Created By
Olivia B

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