Chinese government standing up for Gender Equality By:Haley Watson

In the early 1900s women had a high status in China but between the years 1950 and 1960 women lost this title. China was going through a femine and men were stronger then women so families had to depend on them to work. This is when men started to be considered superior to women in China. Now women are mainly stay-at-home moms and their job is to take care of their families. This relates to the main ideas of Confusciansim and how it crosses over into modern day society. Women are suppose to listen to their father, get married and listen to their husbands, then ideal have a son and meet his demands. This is a traditional Chinese value that still occurs today, however these values are slowly changing that way women can have roles outside of the household.

Chinese women are standing up for their rights when it comes to an education and job opportunities. Within the last decade there has been a substantial amount of young women who have gotten a proper education. Studies show that women graduates make up 47% of the working population in china. Among those people 72% aspire to be C-level executives. Chinese women are currently doing well in large corporations in china and overseas. They have made so much progress that six Chinese women have made it onto the Forbes 100 most powerful women's list in 2015.

Women are not only pushing to be in the corporate world but also in government. A large number of women are now working in Chinese government including female politicians and diplomats. In 2015 30.7% of China's diplomats were female. This number is suppose to rise within the next two decades due to the number of women graduating with majors in international relationship, public policy, and communications. "Beijing has chosen the isssues of gender equality and women's empowerment to strengthen its leading role in the UN system." The General Assembly has also recognized women in government to the extent that there is a high chance that they will elect the UN's first femal Secretary General at the end of the year. If this does happen it will help women all around China by bringing more awareness to gender issues.

China's first lady Peng Liyuan uses her platform to advance policy concerns and her own personal concerns, such as gender equality. A couple months after Xi was elected president chinese government got rid of the one-child policy. This effected women in China grately becasue now mothers don't feel pressured to give up their baby girls. Xi, the president of China fully supports his wife in standing up for gender equality and donated $10 million to UN women, the "intergovernmental entity devoted to gender equality and the empowerment of women." This money will fund 100 projects on girls education and provide training for 130,000 women in developing countries.

China has come a long way in terms of women's rights. Women are no longer considered subordinate to men in legal terms or educational opportunities. A large part of the is Chinas government's getting rid of the one-child policy, and allowing women to participate in govenment. Now that women in China are more educated and are in government they can assure that their rights don't get taken away again.

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