What I love about Canada Jashandeep Sarah

Canada, a stunning place to live where people come together and grow. It is one of the safest and best places to live in the world. I feel blessed to be able to thrive in such a society. This year Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday. In celebration of this event I have given the 3 parts of Canada I love the most. They should be acknowledged by all Canadians as strong pillars of Canada. Hopefully you agree with me and enjoy my opinion.

The Flag

The Canadian Flag is a beautiful representation of Canada. Waving in the wind I love looking up and seeing this national symbol. I truly love the design of the Canadian Flag. With the national colours and a Maple Leaf standing out, it really is a perfect design. It consists of 2 red bands and 1 white band, with a 11 pointed red maple leaf in the middle (Vanchon and Matheson). The Flag is respected everywhere around the nation. When other countries see this flag they know that from North the Canadians have come strong.

George Stanley (Designed the Canadian Flag)

While the Flag is amazing, it took a while to actually become the Canadian Flag. The original idea of the Canadian Flag came from George Stanley, Dean of Arts at Royal Military Collage of Canada at the time. Stanley sent a letter of a more basic design of the flag to John Ross Matheson on 23rd March 1964 (Vanchon and Matheson).

John Ross Matheson

John Ross Matheson a politician for the Liberal party at the time received the letter. He received Stanley's idea and really thought it was good, but missing something. He combined Stanley's idea with an idea from George Bist and added the widely known Red Maple Leaf on the flag. He submitted in the Flag idea in among the other roughly 5,900 submissions. A committee of the Senate and House of commons fought against formidable odds. Luckily on February 15th 1965 the final design was adopted by parliament and became our national flag (Vanchon and Matheson).

The Proclamation of the National Flag of Canada

After a while we finally had our primary national symbol. The Canadian Flag is just so simple and beautiful at the same time. Truly all Canadians love to be under such a flag. I personally love that there is a maple leaf in the middle. The leaf before the flag was made had always been a symbol of Canada in poetry, songs, and medals. Taking a small part of Canada that is found across the nation and adding in on the flag was a brilliant idea. The is why i say it has such simplicity and is beautiful. It is so distinct and is noticed the second it is seen. You should love it too because it's the symbol of the scenic, beautiful, strong and humble nation we call Canada. The flag is important to all of us and is a symbol I am proud to be under.


Canada is a strong country with a wide diverse population. Truly people from everywhere around the world come to the north to settle in Canada. We have truly a different type of culture because of all of this diversity. From different traditions, work, food, technology and more. I find it amazing to be able to go to a public place and see people that are all different. Diversity truly makes a community thrive. Different people think in different ways and it helps perceive problems differently and over improve a society. It is a core part of Canada.

Diverse Canada

Diversity is truly important for Canada. In 2012 alone 257, 515 newcomers from all over the world entered the country. Right now over 20% of Canada's population consists of immigrants. That is a stunning amount of people that are widely diverse in the country. There are over 200 ethnic origins people are from in Canada. All different and which of whom 13 have passed the 1 million population mark (Evans). This is a huge amount of people that are not born in Canada living here. It is spectacular that diversity is allowing people to survive on the North and not only survive, but thrive.

The movement to Canada (Poster)

Canada has always been destined to be populated by immigrants from all over the world. People have always been moving to Canada even sine the 17th century. However, the big move started in the 18th century. The Last Best West was the solution to populate Western Canada. Offering land to anyone who was eligible to move, people slowly started populating the West. People from Great Britain, Scotland, France, and Ukraine all came to populate the great west. It truly was a struggle, but this is where it all started. The West became populated and slowly Canada began to prosper. The Last Best West accomplished its goal and did what it was intended to.

People aboard the Komagata Maru

Around the end of the Last Best West a big incident happened. A ship called the Komagata Maru landed in Vancouver and had aboard almost 400 East Indians (Johnston). This was one of the first times Indians had landed foot in Canada. While Canada is diverse there were rules and the boat ended up being rejected and people couldn't enter. Some people were shot and killed and some even imprisoned(Johnston). This is a big event that is history of Canada's diversity. While these people were rejected, Indians still immigrated soon after. This was a problem, however the big thing is that in the end legally people from India ended up moving to Canada. I believe this was good because if they weren't allowed then maybe I would't be here. I bring this up because I always feel this is a part of Indo-Canadian Culture, my culture.

Truly we are still all Canadian at the end of the Day!

While Canada had its good and bad, we are Canadian at the end. All of us from South, West, East and North are all part of a society. A society of difference and respect. We live happily with each other caring about the person before their background. Truly a beautiful scene that is rare and Canada is one of the places you can find it. I love this country because of how it depends on these people looking for a better life. It is a country of opportunity that is accepting so many people. Immigrants came first, but now we are even accepting refugees that are trying to escape their country full of war. All Canadians should be proud of such a noble act and we accept these people. We hear their cry for help. Canada is all about its people. Its people control everything and hold this country up. I love this and in the future I believe it will always be the same!


As we know Canada is a very diverse place. With diverse people of course comes diverse food. Food from all 4 corners of the world. Food that you have never tasted before or food that you have always loved and didn't know it was available. Food is made completely differently in different places of the world. Rice is cooked differently, grains are used to make different foods and different ingredients are all over the world. Canada luckily has cooks from all over the world. There are thousands of restaurants across the nation that offer you what you want. To just display the food, here are different foods that you can get that are not all from Canada.

Butter Chicken

One of my favorite dishes that originates from North India is Butter Chicken. It is a curry with chicken bits included which is extremely good when properly made. Well luckily for us it's properly made by Indians that came from North India and decided to cook this dish. If those Indians didn't come to Canada most of us wouldn't ever be able to eat this dish unless you go to someplace where it's available. This is a good example of foreign food being cooked because of chefs that immigrated.


Jiaozi also knows as Chinese Dumplings are filled with ground meat or vegetables with a small dough covering them. They are known to be a famous Chinese cuisine and the Chinese that came to Canada have been able to make them for others to eat. They are very good and really is a different way of cooking compared to other places. The Chinese took dough and stuffed it to create Jiaozi (Chang). This wouldn't be possible at all if the Chinese didn't immigrate to Canada.


Poutine is a famous French Canadian dish that come from Quebec. It consists of Fries with Cheese Curds that melt because hot gravy is poured on top of them. It gives an amazing taste that everyone needs to try because it's Canada's national food. Originally it was made by the French that were in Canada. It just shows that Canada has its own culture as well with origins from the French.

While only a few cuisines were listed I highly recommend people to go out on their own and discover and not just take my word for it. Diversity lets us have all these different foods which is amazing. I love all the options I have and so do all Canadians. We all can go out and have a little different from all over the world. We can taste the East, West, South and North Nations. We learn how they thought through their cooking. Its a marvelous small way to interact with the whole world. All Canadians and I included love the food of Canada.

I love Canada from the bottom of my heart and I know everyone else that lives here does to. It is a beautiful place to prosper and thrive. A true scenic place in the world with its own different culture. A culture that consists of different people coming together as a society. Canada is a wonderful place and happy birthday to the nation for reach 150 years old! I love Canada and more importantly love its Flag, Diversity and Food most of all. Thanks for everything I have received from this country and Happy Birthday once again. Let us keep going strong with our heads towards the future!


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