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We exist to help bring The Body of Christ (the church) together, preach repentance and the cross, help stir up the church and help through the Holy Spirit fulfill The Great Commission. Church, Awaken! Ministries also exists to preach repentance to a new level to help usher revival back into the church and help bring the lost back home.

Our mission is to help stir the church (Universally)⛪️✝️🌎 and love our neighbor as how Christ loved the church and the world.


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About Michael

Michael Lee Kubisky is a natural born and raised Washingtonian born and raised in the Seattle area. Michael has been married to his wife Heather for fourteen years and together they have two kids, a 11 year old son and a eight year old daughter.

God has given Michael Kubisky a vision of revival over ten years ago which blossomed a book that Michael published and therfore branched off Contagious Ministries, since then Michael and Contagious Ministries created multiple YouTube videos and livestream services and then later partnered with a couple to grow Contagious Ministries and it became a online service and a street preaching team helping the homeless. The couple that was helping moved out of state and Michael felt that it was not Gods timing but that everything happened for a purpose. As of January 2018 Michael has changed the name of Contagious Ministries to reflect the aspect and meaning of the ministry to “Church, Awaken! Ministries.

Now with much needed time off Michael knows that it's God's timing for him and his wife to get back up again and do what God has called him and his wife Heather to do and that is to partner with God and be apart of what God is doing to help usher in a new level of repentance and Revival inside the church and as well to the outside world.

"If you truly look outside the box and realize that the American Church has been impacted by the world and has compromised and have become apart of the world with a label just to please man to get people inside of our churches to make a name for themselves, then you have truly have seen the bigger picture and realize that we as the Church of America needs to repent and come back to our first love and let the Holy Spirit have his way back inside our churches" -Michael Kubisky


Contagious Ministries it's started in 2005 with a vision of repentance and revival that God gave Michael Kubisky about Seattle and a great awakening that would happen downtown Seattle that would fill the stadiums and flood the streets and it did not just start and end in Seattle in flooded the entire earth.

So Michael started writing different sermons that the Holy Spirit gave him and they all had one meaning together and that was to be a contagious Christian. Michael asked God what would want him to do with the sermons and God told him to turn them into a book and publish a book. Michael had never preached before except when he was a kid to the neighborhood. So Michael found a publisher that decided they would publish his book and God provided the means to have Michael's book published at no charge where all or most of the royalties went to the publishing company to get it published. I heal did not care if he made any profit off the book he knew that he just had to get what the Holy Spirit wanted him to write out there to the people.

So with the creation of the book "The Attractive Christian: Looking Into The Hearts of Believers" Michael through the help of the Holy Spirit created Contagious Ministries and started creating Podcasts on iTunes and then later Stated doing Video sermons on YouTube and then later streamed them on LiveStream.

Michael started working full time at a downtown Seattle store doing security and watching people come in and come out of the store and saw people that were homeless, people that were hurting and even fed a homeless guy that was hurt and let him stay inside the store and got scolded by his store manager for helping the homeless guy out. Michael when he was younger helped his mother with a outreach feeding people and clothing them as well as he collected coats for the homeless and distributed them out as well through Seattle's Union Gospel Mission. Michael later lost his main job and started working at the stadiums of the vision that God gave Michael and Michael would get onto the top of the parking garage in between both stadiums and pray for Revival for the city of Seattle, the state of Washington, the United States and the rest of the world in a 360• View.

Michael later had another job where he currently full time works at SeaTac International Airport loading baggage for passengers. Michael met a friend who started reading his Bible in the lunchroom and was impressed by his edgerness of reading and studying the Bible, Michael prayed and asked him if his new friend was a good fit to be apart of Contagious Ministries and God allowed his friend Garret and later down the road his wife Laura and Michaels wife Heather to all be apart of Contagious Ministries.

Contagious Ministries started growing more and people were getting envolved and God was doing something Contagious in the hearts of Michael, Gabriel and their wives. Michael and the rest of the team got involved with a Hispanic ministry called Agape Street Ministries and started feeding Seattle's homeless and as well as Street Preaching with a Hispanic interpreter and praying for people every Sunday morning. The Contagious Ministries team also lead a Sunday Night Livestream service bringing in people to lead in worship with the ultimate goal of having a full worship team. The team let the Holy Spirit have his way and God did some amazing things.

Another guy from another ministry by the name of Charles decided that he wanted to partner with Contagious Ministries and Agape Street Ministries in a way and started street Preaching as well. Charles message was not a message of love but a message of condemnation and he would preach more of a message of "Turn or Burn" and would argue with a owner of a 7-11 store that would come and feed the homeless as well with some of his sandwiches who was a Muslim telling him that if he did not change his ways that he was going to hell.

Contagaious Ministries decided to stop feeding the homeless because of the actions that were displayed and turned strictly into an online live service and eventually Garret and his wife Laura left Contagious Ministries and the ministry fell apart.

God has given Michael a new "Spark" a new vision for Contagious Ministries bringing in new ideas and new technology to share the gospel across the street and around the world. Michael will be ministering through the technology of podcasting, Facebook Live and Parascope reaching the world. Michael's heart is to help unbox the Holy Spirit that the church has put him in in order to entertain people. People are wanting an encounter with God and something new. Michael would love to come and minister inside your church and or at your conference. As of January 2018 Michael has changed the ministries name to reflect the agenda of the ministry to “Church, Awaken!” Ministries. Michael is also in the process of publishing his second book “The Cookie Cutter Church.”

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We need your help to grow the vision of Church, Awaken! Ministries to help spread the message of Jesus, hope, love and repentance to the Pasific Northwest and the rest of the world. I have learned that it takes money to run a campaign to get the word out about your candidate, it also takes money to run to spread the message of Jesus, hope, love and repentance as well. Please even consider donating a dollar. Thank you for your consideration, if possible please even donate 1 dollar. Every cent helps.

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