The Amberdrakes The Amberdrake Region

The Amberdrakes are a race of mostly draconic species that live in the Amberdrake region, about 500 miles off the eastern coast of Reefbay, Ironworks. The climate there is very diverse, and has separated the continent into four sections, each identified by a season. The magic there has some odd effects on the form in which someone can appear in. For example, if you are a human, you might spend your time there in the body of another creature. Your body changes because of the magic on the island, and because Amberdrake is one of the most volcanically active regions of the world, which also interferes with the magic. Down below are some of the creatures that live there.

1. Winter Amberdrake 2. Amberdrake Human Resident 3. Amberdrake Guard 4. Spring Amberdrake


The culture of the Amberdrakes depends on what season their section of the island is the caretaker of. For example, in the fall section of amberdrake, ambergold, the magic and environment looks like and is themed toward fall. The residents there are born with colors that reflect fall, like the scales on a draconic being yellow or gold. However, the only exception to this are Vertigo Dragonets, which have color-shifting scales and have special powers that other tribes do not. There is a code that the Amberdrakes follow, called Wendolyn's code. The code states that the primary religion of Amberdrakes is to be Christian, to use their gifts to the best, and to greet everyone from all walks of like and accept them for who they are. Amberdrakes eat mostly meat, but many of them eat both meat and plants.


Way back in the island's history, the inhabitants received the gift of seasons. And to this day they are the guardians of the seasons. The four parts of the island each contain A shard of Eon, inside a massive natural sanctuary. Towns and cities are built around either these sanctuaries or at volcanic hotspots. Winter Amberdrake supplies things like weapons and guards. Their society is very militarily related, but at the same time it is like one large family. The Fall Amberdrakes are more focused on exploring and imagination, ad they generally produce most of the maps and books, as well as artwork.. The Summer Amberdrakes are very, very celebratory dragons. If you want to have a good time, go there! They have parties, parties, and more parties! However, things are much more different on the spring section of the island. They produce many magic items and educational objects. It turns out that students there become very successful later on in life. Most of the Summer Amberdrake homes are on cliffs or built into the sides of mountains, while the others build on solid ground, excluding Fall Amberdrakes, who build generally into large trees,

The Amberdrake Map (X's are capitals)


Spring Dragon

Different Amberdrake have different features. Summer Amberdrake have wings and are mainly red to purple in color, have straight horns and are identified by usually purple eyes. Fall Amberdrake have wings and are gold to orange in color, have the straightest horns and usually have black or gold eyes. Both they and Summer Amberdrake have two different colored eyes, discluding their Vertigo Dragonets. Winter Amberdrake do not have wings, substituting climbing skills and sharp claws for this, have generally straight or upward sloping horns and are white or silver in color, and also have blue or white eyes, both being the same color, unlike their other two predecessors. Spring Amberdrake also have rigid claws and can climb very well, and have very slightly downward sloping horns, and can be pale blue to green in color, and have yellowish eyes. Most Amberdrake take kindly to visitors, and there is always an abundance of space on the island. Biologically, each of the species are related to one another. No one knows the real cause for the different color and body features, but legend has it that an ancient Vertigo Dragon, named Vinicius, and his wife, Allison, gave birth to the four different tribes. Because of this, all the dragons treat each other as though they were close brothers and sisters. The languages spoken there are German, Russian and English, but for formal events, many choose to speak in Draconic.

Enemies and Allies

The amber drakes have only seven allies and almost the whole world at their their throats. The Ironworks region, and numerous other non-slave countries, but they do a have two of the most powerful regions in the world sided with them: The Aegis Empire and Ironworks. They back up the Amberdrakes and also are friends of each other. They and other non-slave countries hold a series of Olympic-like games to celebrate their freedom, and begin and follow the two-month event with parties, festivals and inter-country meetings. But, Amberdrake shares at least three times the enemies as they have allies. One of the things that the Island struggles with is their coast. Almost entirely surrounding the island are slave-enforcing islands. However, the island is heavily guarded as one of the worlds most valuable places, so the island's allies send heavy military support.

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