Learning how to study

Taking notes effectively is an important part of learning. It captures what you are learning during the class period.

Biology notes with a printed diagram
Chemistry notes with drawn diagram
Outlining my work for an English class
Curve of Forgetting
Five day studying for a test strategy
The Study Cycle

Summary of learning how to study

In this experiment, I chose to focus on using more visual aids to assist the learning process. Many people learn things through doing, or visualizing a physical part of that information. I tried to do this through using more visual note taking practices. With these three examples, it shows how it was adaptable to even writing. Having a picture allows me to see all of the information better and at the same time. I learned through this process that I am more of a visual learner, when I thought that I didn't have a preference. This experiment forced me to take a different view of my learning experience, and opened a new door to my learning strategies. It also alerted me to several other strategies. First and foremost is studying the day of the class, going over what we did in class that day. Usually I just fell behind so I always did it the following day. The curve of forgetting shows that I need to review the day of to have the most effective recollection of material later on. Also the study cycle is important in knowing exactly how I should study before and after classes.

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