Quit Social Media By: Christian culp

Dr. Cal Newport has a very good argument. Many of his points that he makes are based off of studies that scientists have conducted and have come up with results that are then ignored, I know this because I have never been exposed to any of these things and neither has the average person. Newport talks about how social media is engineered to be addicting. The people that design the networks and apps are actually taking ideas from casinos in Vegas, which by the way, are addicting. Newport was in college when Facebook first came out. He never tried it and never signed up, and as a result, he discovered many things. In the Tedx Talk, he mentions why we should quit social media, and the many negatives, and even harmful things that can come from using them. He found that people that use social media are more depressed, because they see their friends posts of their happy lives, and think, "oh, my life isn't like that all the time." When we use social media, it actually releases a chemical in our brain that is also released when we become addicted. Social media then consumes us and we have this constant nagging to check it. As a result our concentration is constantly fragmented. After a while our attention span drops and we can no longer work for long periods at a time without being distracted with our social media. Dr. Newport says that he is able to do many things in an eight hour work day because he is able to work on things with intensity and focus his time and energy on one thing, and get things done, but our generation is not able to do that because of our fragmented attention span. One of the other things he mentions is the benefits of not using social media. He says that aside from being able to work for long periods of time, he is also able to relax when he gets home and read a book or listen to baseball on the radio. He says that when he is not at work he is very peaceful. His friends that he has been able to convince to not use social media say that it takes a while to get used to, but after a while they notice that they are at peace more often and live a happier lifestyle.

Dr. Cal Newport is a very intelligent man and has written five books, one of the ones he has written he mentions in his video above, and the button below will take you to the book, it is a book that teaches you the importance of Deep Work and you ability to work for a long period of time so that you can get a lot done at a time without fragmenting your attention due to social media.

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