Pure Capitalism By Dom, AJ, and BlAke

5 Characteristics of Pure Capitalism

1. People have full control over their money.

2. It is much easier to start one's own business.

3. It is more of a high-risk, high reward type of system.

4. There are little to no taxes to be paid.

5. Market determines value of objects and products.

Positives of Pure Capitalism

1. One way pure capitalism is a positive is that it promotes creativity in society.

2. The market of pure capitalism would be more helpful to people because it utilizes supply and demand.

3. It is easier to create a business due to the lack of intervention by the government.

Evidence for pure capitalism

1. In the United States products that are made by Apple are an example of the creativity that can be caused. In the event that there would be pure capitalism here in the US more inventions such as these would be produced.

2. More supply and demand in the US would be better because the people would be determining the price or value of products and goods which would make for a more fair form of economic system.

3. It is easier to create ones own business because the government does not intervene Nor does one need to go through the government to get certification in order to start your own business.

Why Democratic Socialism Doesnt Work

1. Socialism teaches a reliance on help from others.

2..Government control of business' leads to less incentive to better business'.

3. The government has too many programs that try to help people.

Evidence for why Democratic Socialism doesn't work

1. Socialism doesn't work because when people have everything handed to them they lose the ability to have go to work ethic.

2. When people within the economic system are all being paid the same no matter what job they do they will lose the incentive to better their business because they will not be getting paid more.

3. Too many government programs being in place leads to too much government spending which could in returned to be used to better the country rather than trying to help the helpless.

Why Mixed Capitalism Doesn't Work

1. Mixed capitalism is not an effective form of an economy because the government has too much control over people in system.

2. Governments have too much control over spending in this form of economic system which causes debt to rise and causes the amount of poor people to also increase.

3. Mixed capitalism makes it harder to climb the economic ladder within countries.

Evidence for why mixed capitalism doesn't work

1. Government having too much control over people's lives restrict freedom and there for lessons the worth of life for people.

2. Money spent on the poor by the government has added to the United States $17.26 trillion in debt nationwide.

3. As it is shown currently in the United States people struggle to find the economic ladder through the mixed capitalism system in place this is shown through the large gap between rich and poor and how 40% of the nations wealth is held by only the top 1% of citizens.

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