Best Dressed: Homecoming 2019 by: Isabelle Stid and jane white

With a Met Gala theme, the "who wore what" at this year's homecoming was bound to be extra. The Bears did not disappoint, donning some truly sumptuous outfits. We photographed some of the best looks of the night, highlighted below.

Couple Outfits:
These two chose to fully match in a white dress and white suit.
While this couple went more low-key—with the tie matching her powder pink dress—this pink proved to be very popular at the dance.
Pink Outfits:
This lighter pink dress with floral pattering was neatly tied in with the pink phone case.
The necklaces added to this slick pink dress accentuated the V-neckline for a beautiful silhouette.
Off-the-shoulder dresses were another hit of the night.
Jewel Tones:
The deep green tones in this dress (left) add contrast, while the silhouette is simple but with flair at the bottom. The pink dress (right) with its lace cut offs adds adds a nice contrast to the ruching on the bodice.
Jewel tones look stunning especially when matched with nude makeup, keeping the focus on the dress.
Felt and velvet jackets add class to a look, while black plants keep the attention on the jackets and accessories.
Red tones were less common, but made quite a statement nonetheless.
The duality of color in this dress really popped, especially with the jewelry.
Black Outfits:
This all-black outfit shows that—although simple—all black can also be elegant.
This black-over-white combo adds class to the dress without being very dark, especially when paired with costume jewelry.
The deep-maroon shirt paired with a statement belt adds a nice contrast with the blazer.
This pantsuit on its own is a drama piece, especially with its sparkly beading and tear-drop earrings.
This blue-on-black dress has a sense of playfulness to it because of the flowers, but remains classic-looking with the half sleeves.
Patterned Looks:
More casual patterns turned out to be a big hit of the evening.
Stripes can be a more dressed-up version of patterns, and made quite the statement at the dance.
Three friends stand out in their tropical attire.
And Now, the Standouts:

These were the outfits that truly stood out, making a statement while remaining stylish.

This dress, with the floor length and sequins, proved to be quite show-stopping.
This neon-green dress with flowy sleeves is very original—the only one of its kind at homecoming.
This dress was jaw-dropping with its metallic appliqués and purple tone, which added a mystical appearance to the dress.