Retrieval Practice Self Study Common Exhibit for LEarning Outcome #3


I have never had the opportunity to study using Quizlet before and I think for English 2240 it will be perfect. After I have read the pages or chapters, I would go on Quizlet and use flashcards (pre-made) asking what happened in the story. I use Quizlet about a half hour and usually I feel mastered in the reading. Since readings are due every Tuesday and Thursday, I normally read Sunday what is due for Tuesday, and on Monday I read what is due for Thursday. This way I stay ahead in the class, that way I can really focus on my engineering classes. When I take the quizzes, or engage in conversations, I normally get a 100 on the quiz and the teacher also recognizes I am intuitive during conversations. Since using Quizlet, it has only risen my A to a higher A!

Group Quizzing

Also another study method I have never really been able to get to do. It's not that I am afraid of working with people, I am afraid to let the group down if I don't know my part. However, I was able to get only one session together to do this and it was for Organic Chemistry. The students in my PAL session decided to make a quiz and everyone do it on their own first, then everyone come together and work together on the quiz. This method was nice because it really showed how much you knew, and how much you have to study. We did this exercise in about an hour and a half. I have been making A's on the quizzes throughout the semester, but the group quiz also got me an A on the quiz, as well as friends, and a deeper understanding of the material.

Recite and Record

I tried to do recite and record for my Math 1080 class. I've done this exercise before, but only when I was younger and was trying to learn the alphabet. For this study method, I tried to learn chapter 11 of the math 1080 class on Taylor and MacLaurin Series. The formula's are pretty dense, but I tried to study them for a while, then said them aloud until I got the entire sentence correct, and then I wrote it down when I said it correctly. After writing the formulas down 5 times each, I was able to remember them clearly. Come quiz day, which are Tuesday's, the material was all on these series and I was able to get 19/20 because I didn't hesitate remembering the main formulas.


Quizlet is a great study tool, but only with non-engineering classes I believe. When dealing with numbers and problem-solving, I don't think I will be using Quizlet later down the road. However, still a great study tool for other classes like English. The group quiz was by far the best tool because I was able to see how much I knew, then work together, and we all learned together. That is a method I will probably be using as I continue my college career in Chemical Engineering. I was glad to see the effort using these study methods payed off because I am doing great in my classes, and highly due to doing things like this.


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