Fransico Pizarro by:Wade

The name of my explorer is Fransisco Pizarro he was born inTrujillo,Caceres,spain 1475. He took care of a herd of pigs, until one day he wanted to explore, so spain sent him to explore.He went on a ship with his brother and some men to explore in 1535. Pizarro's goal was to capture natives.When Pizarro was sailing he found an Indian tribe called the Inca tribe he killed the Inca tribes leader. Pizarro found the Pacific Ocean,he also conquered Peru. Pizarro also faced some bad obstacles, some problems Pizarro faced were bad weather, fights with the natives, and lack of food.

This is one of the problems Pizarro faced (bad weather)

Pizarro found the pacific ocean, he also conquered peru in 1532 he found the nations new capital (lima).

This is a photo of the Pacific Ocean
This is Lima
This is Pizarro's route

I think that Pizarro is very brave because when he found the Inca tribe he was not scared to fight them even though natives have good bows and other good weapons. I also think Pizarro mean because he killed the Inca's tribe leader.

Timeline for Pizarro

Pizarro was born in Injilo,Caceres,spain 1475

Pizarro first conquered the Inca tribe

Pizarro conquered Peru second

Pizarro died in 1541

I remember Pizarro when I see the pacific ocean

Pizarro died because he killed is friend ,so when Pizarro's friend was about to be killed Pizzaro´s friend ordered for Pizzaro to be assassinated, so that is how Pizarro died.

(Shipmate's perspective) Well we just found an island but it has native tribe called the Inca tribe in the island, so our captain Pizarro ordered us to kill the Inca leader. After we killed him we went on our ship and continued sailing.


Created with images by Biblioteca Rector Machado y Nuñez - ""Pizarro navegando por la Costa de Tumbez"." • Unsplash - "lightning thunderbolt thunderstorm" • werner22brigitte - "humpback whale natural spectacle nature" • ambabheg - "regimented rainbow of coloured parasols, Lima, Peru"

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