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Join University of Florida Student-Innovator's, Ulysses Grant, app Scenery; an improved photo-sharing social media platform.

Seenery is a photo-sharing app (comparable to Instagram) which allows its users to share and view strictly artistic photographs with other users of similar interests.

The primary focus of Seenery allows artists, such as photographers, painters, illustrators, writers, et cetera, to create easy-to-do portfolios for possible business inquiries, expansion of personal brand, increase following, and most importantly, provide an incentive for epic collaborations between great artists.

Users are encouraged to share the location of where their "seenic" photo was taken to encourage users to travel and to explore and share their slice of the world.

Seenery is also friendly for users that just enjoy art, traveling or plain old snapping pictures for fun. Users that aren't pursuing a career in art have a reason to get fresh air and capture their definition of scenery for their own satisfaction as well.

Seenery strives to keep consumers active when consuming social media. Staring at smartphones in a translucent state for hours on end has been a common occurrence; an occurrence our team is working to bring to an end.
Created By
Ulysses Grant III


Created with images by Moyan_Brenn - "nature" • realworkhard - "skyline water horizon" • skeeze - "ice hockey goalie goal" • Cynthia J Wood - "Taking Back Sunday" • zaphad1 - "IMG_0440b" • mochawalk - "queen woman beauty"

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