Newsletter #29, February 2021

On the Cover: Our fresh new Logo, representing new things to come at The Shed.

Our Mission: "We Build Meaning & Well Being into Men's Lives By Engaging Hands, Hearts & Minds."

Hearts: We Did Some Visiting

...new members: Marten K, Hugh M.

OH...By The Way! Speaking of Membership.

Men's Sheds Worldwide Rely On Their Members! Here's Your reminder...

I'm Interested...What's included?

  • Access To Men's Shed Vernon "Drool Tool" shop six days a week via our sign in software.
  • An opportunity to build new friendships and share your skills.
  • Access to our weekly ZOOM meetings to stay in touch with all the guys. It's a lot of fun.
  • A say and a vote in how Men's Shed Vernon develops, serves our guys, and our community.
  • An opportunity to build a legacy for the next generation of guys coming up fast behind us.
  • We've built over 35 projects to help out others since we opened in 2018. Come and help us continue that legacy.
  • Access to our FaceBook Page.

What's THAT? - Only $20 To Join- For a Whole Year?

That's Right! What's Holding You Back? Here's How...

Join Now for 2021. Contact us at mensshedvernon@gmail.com. We accept e-transfers.

The Men's Shed Vernon guys continue to meet on ZOOM every Monday Morning. We've been checking up on one another, swapping stories, and keeping up on Men's Shed affairs. It's a great way to Take On the Week.

Hands: We Got Some Stuff Done!

The Food Action Society North Okanagan asked Men's Shed Vernon to build them some raised bed garden boxes.

We said "SURE WE CAN!"

We sourced some cedar lumber, and gave them a Non-Profit Special price they couldn't refuse.

We built a prototype, or two. The client approved, and we started building. The lumber needed sorting & trimming.

All the guys involved really pitched in.

Buffy R came over from the Food Action Society to say "Hello", and to meet The Shed guys.

We decided to offer delivery, too!

Social distancing box dimensions!

Another Men's Shed Project complete for our community. That felt pretty good!


Six Teams of guys formed by drawing names from a hat were each commissioned to build a 30 x 72 x 30.25" H table for our social room (in the next Shed location).

Some Teams are being rather secretive about their tables.

It's too cool in the shed for applying polyurethane finishes, so some tables have been temporarily taken home.

Team Six picked a challenging design involving 28 pieces to the table top. Now I know what a Chevron is! It has been a fun challenge for sure.

I can't wait for the BIG Reveal party!

Feeling Inspired?

We Get To Work On Personal Projects At Men's Shed, Too. Daniel's Electric Guitar Project Is Really Taking Shape. Well Done!

Minds - Staying Involved

Doctors Hockey Tournament Gives Men's Shed Vernon a $25,000 "Cheque Up"!

For Thirty Seven years, the Doctor's Hockey Tournament has fielded twenty four teams in Vernon area rinks for the largest physician's weekend of back checking and charity chequing in Western Canada!

Seeking to support men's mental health and a tie that gives back to the community, the tournament directors invited Men's Shed Vernon to come and make a visionary presentation for a relationship and support.

The Doctor's Hockey Tournament really embraced our activities, vision, and our five year plan. As a result, they have made a substantial and meaningful donation of $25,000 to Men's Shed Vernon that will enable us to seek matching funds towards a larger Shed location that is desperately needed.

Follow Up:

Within ninety days, the Men's Shed Vernon Guys, and some of their generous friends were able to follow through and MATCH the $25,000 donation as promised.

Now THAT'S A Win Win!

Giving Courage, Confidence, or Hope

You can be an encourager, too!

Are there a couple of important guys in your life? We're sure there are. Give them a call today ( or better yet, RIGHT NOW ), and ask them...They''ll appreciate your concern more than you know.

Thinking about others diminishes concerns about ourselves, and can help to brighten your outlook.

Don't Be A Hound Dog. Be A Valentine! Release your inner Elvis. Say it: "I LOVE YOU." Watch it Return To Sender with love.

Men's Shed Vernon is open Monday - Saturday 9AM - 4PM.


Created By
Raymond Verlage


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