Welcome to Cedar Valley High School 2021 All of your back to school information is below...

First Day of School: August 17th

Boarding will begin at 7:15. Bell rings 7:45.

Enter the main doors for our celebration.

We will have freshman flight orientation on Monday, August 16th 8:30--11:00.

We encourage parents to provide transportation for their students on 9th grade day. Optional transportation will be available if needed. Busses will only stop at the Frontier bus pick up locations. Bus routes can be viewed here. Please note, bus pick up times and locations for 9th grade day WILL NOT be the same for the remainder of the school year.

Back-to-School Night August 12th 3:00 to 7:30

Come find your classes and meet your teachers. Teachers will have a recommended supplies list, syllabus, and disclosure documents.

Pre-boarding Days

What are pre-boarding days? This is your chance to come check out a Chromebook, get your school pictures taken, pay school fees, get your locker, and check out clubs.

Choose a date and time that works best for you.

  • Tuesday, August 10th 7:30am-3:30pm
  • Wednesday, August 11th 11:00am-7:00pm

What will you do?

  • Chromebooks for students will be issued during this time. (See below)
  • This is school picture day. (Retakes will not be until October 8th.) You can view the packet HERE.
  • You can pay your school fees, get your parking pass, and purchase a yearbook.
  • You can get your locker assignment. (See below)

One-to-One Next Generation School

Thank you Facebook for its generous contributions, making this One-To-One opportunity possible.

  • What does it mean to be a Next Generation One-to-One School? - Because technology will be a key tool for students as they create and pursue their dreams, Cedar Valley High School desires to provide this technology in an equitable and systematic manner. Research has also shown that technology can provide students with greater opportunities for meaningful engagement. For these reasons, we are excited to partner with 10 other schools in the Alpine School district to be a Next Generation One-To-One school. This means we will be providing every student with their own Chromebook to use at home and at school.
  • Prerequisite 30-minute Canvas Course - Before students will be issued a Chromebook, they will need to complete a 30-minute Canvas course titled "Cedar Valley High School Chromebook Training". This course will be active on August 1, 2021, and can be completed from any device with the internet. To access the course, go to your student Canvas using this link, and select the appropriately titled course. Please complete this course before you come for pre-boarding. We will have computers available for you during the pre-boarding days if you haven't completed the course.
  • Parental Permissions - Before students can be issued or use a Chromebook, parents will need to provide permission through a Student Acceptable Use Agreement, and an Agreement For the Use of Instructional Technology Property. See this Video and this tutorial for instructions on how to provide these permissions. Please complete this before the pre-boarding day.
  • Insurance & Fines - Students will be responsible for any damages to the Chromebook and for any missing chargers or devices issued to them. We will have details about these fines and a very low-cost insurance option through a third party to help you avoid the possibility of fines.
  • For more information, please refer to the following:

Next Generation One-To-One in a Nutshell

Next Generation One-To-One Announcement Letter

New Student Registration

Your Schedule:

Bell Schedule:

Class Schedule Changes:

Email your counselor for any class changes. All class changes must be made by August 11th. There is a $5 class change fee required for all class changes. Payments can be made on myschoolfees.com or in the finance office.

  • Abby Taylor A-Be
  • JeriLynn Phillips Bi-Co
  • Kristy Childs Cr-Gl
  • Aprill Triggs Go-Ji
  • Debra Smith Jo-Mc
  • Heidi Gray Me-Ph
  • Courtney Briggs Pi-San
  • Reagan Peck Sas-U
  • Anna Butler V-Z

School Fees

School fees will be available after August 1st.

Other payment options:

Pay in the finance office during Pre-Boarding Days.

*Fee Waivers Applications must be submitted every school year--even if you've been accepted in the past. Free and reduced lunch acceptance does not count as a school fee waiver application. A separate application must be summited.

Please turn in your completed application to the finance office by September 30th, 2021.


To get the best price on a yearbook, purchase them now. Prices go up throughout the year. You can purchase a yearbook on myschoolfees.com.

Parking Passes

All student vehicles are required to have a student parking pass in order to park on campus. Parking passes are only $10 and the link to the Parking Agreement Form can be found below. Thank you for your patience as we grow together.

Please fill out the form and bring it to the finance office. Remember that a parent signature is required on the Parking Agreement Form.

School fees must be paid or a payment plan must be submitted before you can purchase a parking pass.

School Lunch

Your third period teacher (A3, B7) will determine what lunch you have. See link below.

This website has links to pay online, menus, and applications for free and reduced lunch.

Bus Routes

Routes will be available in August.

Extra-Curricular Information

(Athletics, Performing Arts, etc.)

All tickets will be purchased through Hometown Ticketing.


Lockers may be requested through the Attendance Secretary. A $2.00 fee must be paid and the receipt taken to the Attendance Secretary.

Online Locker Sign-Up is active from July 20th through August 6th.

Student Handbook

School Map

School Safety

Get your Aviator gear


School Community Council

Jet Fuel Soda Shack


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