She Is... By: Anna Grace Rankin

She is very athletic and enjoys playing sports,

especially volleyball, exclaims the trophies and medal on her shoe shelf.

She loves what the Lord has given her and her ability to to play sports and to worship Him, announced the Bible and journal filled with motivational bible verses.

The 100’s on her math worksheet say she works hard and is very studious. She tries to get good grades in all her classes.

The pictures filled with joy and laughter

with her friends and family say she loves others dearly.

Another thing she loves dearly are her dogs, barked the picture with her dogs in it.

Her mug collection and coffee maker say she is a big coffee lover

and can't really live without it. The small collection of books lay above one another,

with inspiring quotes, drawing to the reader showing and telling about the love and commitment for her ideas, beliefs, and dreams.

She has a way with words but likes to write them down

by doing calligraphy in her little art journal,

explains the calligraphy pens and her art journal. That's one way she

expresses beauty for things is by art. Another way she sees beauty is through her own eyes.

As she looks at the pain and suffering our world has gone through, she remembers that Jesus brings peace, love, and healing to those who are hurt and broken, announced the images of our world.

She absolutely loves to present herself, says the makeup brushes on her vanity.

She does have bad times in her life but she knows that something And

good will come out of it.

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