How to save Money $$

“ A penny saved is a penny Earned “, Nowadays you need Money almost for everything in this world. Without money we have a lot of stress and problems in our life. First thing you have to know about saving money is that it is hard to save but is worth it. When you spend money there is always an opportunity cost an opportunity cost is when you are giving up an alternative when you spend money.

When saving money you have to know that you cant remove the money. It needs to grow in to something bigger what helps the grow is interest.

Saving money can create a safety net which will be there whenever you need it. When saving money you are going to need a Budget. A budget is estimate of the amount of money needed for cost of living or to be used for a specific purpose. The way you can do that is make sure you know what you're spending your money on each month and have a plan on how much you are going to spend the following months.

When saving Money Budgeting is Important

There is a couple of reasons why saving money is important such as a financial crisis or a medical emergency. Also We should save money for our future, for college or if you have a kid. First thing you can do is create a savings account. A saving account is a bank account that earns interest while you keep your money in the account.

Create a savings account, it earns intrest while your money is in there, save for anything unexpected or just save to be secure.

investing in something could help you save but you have to also make sure you are investing to a company that is making profit and is not throwing your money away in the gutter.


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