Napoleons Three mistakes

Napoleons continental system ; In 1806 a decree was signed to order a blockade to close all ports and to prevent all trade, communication, all this caused the Continental system. Napoleon thought that it would make the continental Europe more self-sufficient it was also intended to destroy Britain's commercial industrial economy. Unfortunately the blockade was not nearly tight enough. Aided by the British,smugglers were able to bring cargo from Britain into Europe.

peninsular war Napoleon made his second most costly mistake. Because Portugal was ignoring the Continental system he sent an army through Spain to invade Portugal. when the Spanish towns rioted in protest Napoleon dethroned the Spanish king and put his brother there.This outraged the Spanish people and inflamed their national feelings, since they remained fiercely loyal to their former monarch.

The invasion of Russia

Napoleons thirst to gain power led to his greatest failure in his entire career. Alexander the 1 Napoleons ally. To stop Russia selling grain to Britain in the Russian czar. France and Russia were competing with each other to design with Poland. So that caused to ruin their alliance, so Napoleon decided to invade Russia


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