Carlotta My Utopian society

Politics - Carlotta is a Monaty. This is a new government where the society is ruled by one person called a ruler. The ruler (or queen) is Elizabeth Rocha. The ruler is chosen by the people. Each ruler serves until death or abdication. There are two branches that help enforce rules to the people and input ideas to the ruler. Anyone can vote but you must be at least 21 years old.

Basic Rules - The queen makes all the rules but they must have an 80% approval from both branches. The citizens have understandable laws they have to follow. If they do break one of these laws, they will go to penitentiary, no matter what law is broken. Drinking is not prohibited/sold after 10 PM and smoking is prohibited (except marijuana). College is free to attend but most do not need to go because most jobs just require training. Citizens are able to choose what they want to do and have the right to express their opinion and defend themselves. There is a low crime rate in Carlotta. Religion is important!

The queen and her dog
The queens house

Economics - Carlotta has a low poverty rate (less than 5%). In 2006, job positions rose more than 80%. Everyone has a job available for them (usually their dream job). Their is no financial aid given because of how well off the citizens are. Citizens can retire at the age of 50 and will get a retirement fund (each the same). The currency used are lizos. The average salary is 90,000 lizos a year.


Religion - The only religion in Carlotta is Catholic. Nobody works on Sunday morning because it is obligated you go to church. If you are caught practicing another religion, you will be questioned. There has only been 5 citizens caught worshiping another religion in the last 10 years. There are two major churches in Carlotta.

artifact - One out of the two churches
One important church event
Ash Wednesday is a religion event that every citizen attends.

Social Structure - People are organized by their social class. Since mostly everyone makes the same amount of money yearly, houses mostly look the same. There are two different neighborhoods. The social class ranges from middle to high income. The middle class neighborhoods all have the same house and so do the high income neighborhoods. The houses in size are almost the same. This is to make everyone equal. All citizens over the age of 18 must apply to the job they are best interested in. Those citizens who are not interested in any of the available positions are enrolled in the military. The birth rate is moderate due to strict marriage laws. There are a lot of tests you need to pass before you can get married to ensure that it will last. Relationships must be reported to the branches. Sex before marriage is not banned, but it is not favored. To please the queen, many obey.

middle class neighborhood
high class neighborhood

Arts/Entertainment - In Carlotta, religion is a big deal. Every year there is a celebration for the birth of every saint. These celebrations are huge with different bands performing and stands. Everyone comes for the celebration. Each celebration usually lasts a week. It is mandatory to go to church first. The biggest party is the birthday of the queen. Everyone takes the day off to celebrate. There are a lot of tourist attractions as well. There is a popular scuba diving program (thanks to the beautiful clear ocean), and also historical sites. Carlotta never sleeps. A lot of places are 24/7. There are main social places called jardins. In the jardins people go at any hour to socialize.

Celebrating one of the saints

National Anthem - We will rise, we are big, we are strong. With the power of christ we can do all, we join together as a whole, we join together as a family. Rise Carlotta Rise!

The flag of Carlotta


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