A cry of tears Lucas MacKenzie

The British love tea. Their favorable disposition of the drink was carried over into the British colonies in America, which is why The Boston Tea Party was such a significant revolutionary act.

Once trade opened up with tropics and the West Indies coffee was traded and imported into the colonies giving tea a run for its money and become so ubiquitous today.

Tea can be consumed cold, not very common in America but is popular as a morning drink in The UK and India. The most popular are English Breakfast and Earle Grey Tea.

Tea! It's just herbs soaked in water. Different herbs make for different flavor, all having their own proposed homeopathic remedies.

Tea is also incredibly popular in Asia. A great example of how trade creates similar traditions all over the world with smaller ceremonial differences. China specifically has a rich tradition of ceremonial tea pots.
Drag queens spilling s literally tea (figurative slang for gossipimg)
Rupaul, a legendary drag queen and host of Rupaul's Drag Race an Emmy winning TV program which is running its ninth season.


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