Week 3. What a week of learning, playing and friendship.

Deciding what the baby would need. bottles, nappies, food toys, books and much love.

We were upset to see a lady leave her baby on the beach. She gave her a cuddle and a kiss, and left the baby on the sand. We found a note, a necklace. From here we discussed weather we should look after the baby, or leave it for the mum to come back. After much discussion we thought that we ought to look after the baby as best we could.

We have sorted and grouped shapes using our own criteria. We are also using mathematical language to describe 3D shapes. We can find odd ones out, as well as explaining our reasoning.

We have measured different parts of our bodies. We have used the same units to measure in, and begun to predict which is longer and which is shorter. We are going to put them in different order. Who will have the longest foot, or the widest hand span?

Investigating shape, using sticks, pipe cleaners and felt tips. Happy days.