My Experience at the Harn Museum "What is the good life" - Michea Ables

Medium of the art/Technique of the artist: Seeing this piece in person made me appreciate the work because it was very colorful and lively. The colors that the artist decided to use, the greens and yellows and oranges, really made me feel happy. I was impressed on how the artist was able to combine these multitude of colors to create a night life city scene. I enjoyed this display because i like the way the lights bring the piece to life. it makes everything around it dim just to brighten up the piece.
Art and Core Values: this piece is a painting of an alligator. Our schools mascot. when i see this piece i automatically think of school and how i want to be something in life. it makes me think of all the ups and downs i will have in school and even when i want to quite i have to keep pushing because there is a bigger goal at the end. i feel motivated when i see this piece.
Art and the good life: This piece conveys the theme of celebrating the good life. The heads displayed in this image are heads that are worn during African celebrations to celebrate girls turning into women of higher standard. This festival is held to showcase these selected women now crossing over into a higher level in society.
Design of Museum: The set up of this specific exhibit really touched me. I appreciated the colors of the walls because, allot of people often tell me that I'm weird but, wall coloring impacts my moods. The fact that this exhibit didn't have a vibrant or bright color on its walls, It really satisfied me. The maroon really complimented the actual piece and it made me show gratitude to the piece.

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