News Unit Journal Lorenzo Melzi

This is the TV unit in which we were split into groups of 8 or 9 and had the task of creating a live TV make in which we would apply for a specific role, for the TV make. This was one of the most challenging and at the same time interesting units that i have done throughout the course of year 9 and 10, the complexity but yet partially simplistic aspect to this unit makes it incredibly fascinating and appealing.

Role of presenter

As the presenter my job was to keep the audience entertained, whilst they learn how to make something as our production was a make. I had to learn how to use the auto cue, time the length of the show and also memories the lines. The most important role of the presenter is to make sure you are clear and understandable and in my case explain clearly how to make your product whilst keeping the audience entertained whilst keeping to a strict time period, a combination off all these things is what makes the role of the presenter extremely difficult.

Rehearsals and Rehearsals

This the TV Make script

I really enjoyed the process of this make and i feel like i have given my full effort to my role in the make and i am really proud of myself and what i have achieved int his make, i found it really hard to start off with ass i had no experience with the auto cue and i had never done a live TV production, also my whole team was relying on em because i was presenter so if i messed up everything would go badly, luckily i did very well and i stayed calm and did the role of presenter at the best of my ability.

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