Snow Leopards by: gin wellborn

Rawr! The snow leopard is one of the most endangered species on Earth? There are only 4,500 - 7,500 left in the wild. In this essay I am going to tell you about their threats, what they eat and where they live.

A snow leopard lying on a rock

Snow leopards have a lot of threats. Their BIGGEST threat is climate change. Also, farmers have killed snow leopards because snow leopards are trying to kill sheep to eat. Also, communities and humans have hunted snow leopards. 100 - 450 snow leopards get killed every year. :(

A polar bear standing on an ice flow trying to survive climate change

Snow leopards mainly eat wild sheep. They will also eat goats and pikas. And they will eat hares and game birds. In the summer they eat smaller animals like marmots. Snow leopards eat blue sheep and ibex. They eat a lot.

A wild sheep

Snow leopards live in China and Bhutan. Nepal and India. Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Russia, and Mongolia. Even though they live in a lot of places, their populations are dropping. One by one by one…

They also live in a couple National Parks. The National Park services are desperately trying to save the snow leopard.

A national park sign

Now that you have read this essay, you know what their threats are, what they eat, and where they live. If you ever go to one of these places, you might get just lucky enough to see one of these precious snow leopards. RAWR!

A snow leopard


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