Depression gets to everyone and its hard for people to get out of it. Many people also just tend to stop and give up because they see no change or they see nothing good coming in there life.
dear Me,I don't know what to think about life no more. Everything seems like its falling apart. My life is just a complete mess. People try to help me but they won't understand what I am going through. The pain I feel or see no can relate to no one. I wonder to myself why did I put myself in this corner. Is this my fault? I think its time for a change...if I put myself here in this dark void and can take myself out of it. I just want all this to end its eating me alive and I can't stand this no more... OCt.17.~
Short Story: The room was dark. He didn't have the lights on. He would just reminisce the times he had when he was happy an full of joy. He is in a dark place being eaten and sucked by depression. He doesn't know what to do with life. He feels unfitted in society. He relies on music to soothe the pain he feels but its only temporary and slowly digging a deeper whole for himself so depression can take him fully. He knows that he can change but its hard to let go...


Created with images by Bon Adrien - "to put a fence"

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