Cut It Out by Eunhyang(은향) Kim

These are some examples of sugar that are around people can easily assess to it

in reality, avoiding sugar is difficult because sugar is everywhere

Sugar is addictive as some drugs because it increases the demanding of foods and results overeating.

Sugar stimulates brain which eventually makes teenagers to lose sense of control, therefore, it causes overeating

when a person does not control sugar consuming and eat too much, it can contribute to increase the total body fat


Created with images by Jeanny Schmidt - "Sugar Lips" • CarbonNYC [in SF!] - "An Offering" • jill111 - "valentine's day chocolates candy" • stevepb - "macaroons pastry sweets" • kurisuuu - "Coffee 8" • congerdesign - "fruit jelly candy sweet" • RitaE - "ice cream fruits"

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