W/C 27th March 2017 FMP Reflective journal

Just spoke with ben about the unreal and we have started to conceptualizeĀ the way the player will move from the foreground to the background, the problem we are facing at the moment is that we don't know how to at this point, we are looking on the official unreal engine website to try and find the blueprints for teleporting, and were just going to go from there. While ben is working on that, I'm defining the sprites a little more and making them look better, along with finishing the first level design.

Ben also finished the main menu screen, he gave it to me to edit so for the remainder of the session I added more detail to the menu screen as I wanted to display it in more detail, although I have finished it I am wanting to go back to it later and change stuff if I come up with more stuff to add to it.

today is Wednesday andĀ I have gone back to ben to see if the teleportation is working in the unreal, while it will teleport the player it isn't moving them along the right gradient, instead of the Y axis its moving the player just along the X axis, so we need to think of a way to change that. I've thought instead of a teleport we use the same mechanics as the level procession Flag at the end of the level and making the background level in a new level, we could fool the player by having it look in the background as the player is progressing but In reality its a completely new level. I need to talk to ben about this, so I am going to have a meeting with him as soon as possible.

Also today Adam took some of us outside to explain to use the use of a phantom microphone and how we can use it in our project. I want to use this microphone in our project but I don't know how ben will feel about using it, but he will have to make exceptions, using the microphone will allow us to use our own sounds instead of relying on the internet to get our audio. the only problem I see with using this equipment is that we need to time it right, as collecting the sounds will have to be at random points, hopefully we can rent it out for use before its fully booked. the equipment itself is quite expensive and very good quality, and It will help us in the near future.

Thursdays lesson I finally finished editing the sprites so that it looked good enough to put in the game, I can finally focus more of my attention to other graphical parts and finish work that I have fallen behind on, it took long to edit due to the outline of the sprites I want the player to know where the sprite is and not have it blend in the background.

sprite sheet, unfinished.

This was the sprites as I was working on them and changing a few of them once I had finished, I liked what I di with the death animation in the end so I'm glad I did go back and changed some things, now instead of the player just collapsing dead the player is now changed into a zombie, much like the stereotype of what zombies do, if any more complication arise due to the sprites I will have to go back and change, however for now I'm happy with how the sprites have turned out and so Is ben.

complete sprite sheet.

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