Meet Graston And Find Pain RElief Dr. Mia McDougal

Graston Technique® is a form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that effectively treats soft tissue (tendon, ligament, muscle and fascia) adhesions, restrictions, and scar tissue. Whether the injury is acute or chronic, Graston Technique® can benefit athletes and non-athletes alike with its unique healing properties by removing the soft tissue irritation that often is the cause that prevents injuries from healing completely. It is also an invaluable technique in treating repetitive strain or overuse injuries.

As the instruments are moved over the affected area and come in contact with adhesions, they help to break up scar tissue.

In time, this process can reduce or eliminate the adhered fibers, restoring range of motion and eliminating the associated pain.

Dr. Mia McDougal and her staff specialize in treatment to reduce pain and promote a path to overall wellness. Let us set up a Consultation and Determine a plan to reduce your pain.

The Graston Technique® has proven effective in speeding up recovery to get back to an active lifestyle.

Dr. Mia McDougal is one of the only pain management Doctors certified in performing the The Graston Technique® in Texarkana.

(903) 838-5883

1718 Richmond Rd. Texarkana, TX 75503

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