The Salem News By Gabriella Taylor-Mendez

This is a report on the life of Elsabeth James.
This is the story of when Elsabeth fell in love and had so many exciting adventures...

A week after meeting Aakif and his aunt Elsabeth was doing much better. Her feaver had gone away and she was learning magic from Aunty Honey. She was learning how to make remidies and herbal teas. She had fallen in love with Aakif everyday they would take long walks on the beach amd watch the sunset.

One day as they were walking along the beach three "white men" were riding and had spotted Aakif and Elsabeth. They started beating on and yelling at Aakif, "What are you doing on the beach with this _", " _ this white girl?". "She washed ashore after a shipwreck and we have been caring for her, Mr.Parris Sir" replied Aakif. As he spoke her cam down from his horse and started beating on Aakif. Elsabeth yelled for them to stop, screeming " STOP THAT!!!!"

After she was attacked she woke up in a all pink room. Pink bed with matching satin covers and canopy. The room had matching pink walls furniter, cutains, and rugs. Her eye was swollen and bloody from when the guy had punched her. She touched her eye and wept. Mis.Parris came in and yelled "Stop


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