Manned Submersibles (HOVs) By Jackson martin

What is a...

Hydrothermal vent: a hydrolic opening that spews out mineral enriched water from the ocean floor.

Cold seep: Chilly water that comes out a vent, not nessisarilly meaning it's colder than the water around it. It often causes brime pools.

Ocenanic ridge: An almost mountain like figure underwater, or a raise in ground.

Chemosythetic: origin is so living off inorganic substances instead of organic ones, typically where there's no light.

Extremeophiles: an organism that can exist in extreme conditions, tempsture, darkness, acidity, or many other things.

Example of a hydrothermal vent

Manned submersibles are...

Manned submersibles are submarines for an example, but the ones we are referring to, happen to go much deeper. These things are little pioneers, traveling into the deep to explore, not many people can fit in these, but they're made to withstand extreme pressure, and depths, and can allow us to explore even the deepest depths of the ocean.

What has been made possible by the use of submersibles?

Exploration of extreme depths we couldn't ever imagine to have visited in person if they hadn't been created. Sure there are unmanned ones, but that's not as personal, you don't get to have a humans perspective on what it was like, what they saw.

DSV Alvin, a well known submersible that takes 3 people to depths of up to 4,500 metres (14,800 ft).

Positives and negatives

Manned submersibles offer many benefits, getting to see the underwater world in person, and you know, not dying when you do so. But also, they can break under the pressure, epecially glass. But even nails can split, and then the oxygen, power, and communication can all be costly to make a trip, but despite that, we're realizing more of our world and learning more!

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